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Comments of Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox on DOJ Letter

Comments of Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox on DOJ Letter

Today’s developments are very disappointing and potentially very damaging and costly to the taxpayers of Maricopa County. All the sheriff’s bravado really shows is a cynical disdain for taxpayers and citizens. His charges against the Obama administration ring hollow, even for him. We’ve seen this before. This is sad for all of us, but it’s also serious.

The Department of Justice has been restrained and patient in its dealings. Its December 15 Letter of Findings gave us the facts in shocking detail. Those of us in the community were hopeful that, given the situation, MCSO would work to correct the abuses.

Instead, taxpayers in Maricopa County will see only more expense, litigation, penalties, even potential receivership. It is my hope that justice will prevail in the courts and Mr. Arpaio’s abuses will stop.


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