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Special Dogs Need Forever Home

Many special animals come through the doors of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC). Six months ago, it was Chihuahua siblings that had deformed front legs. Tamale and Flauta came to MCACC when they were just two weeks old.


The pups went to a foster home where they drank their bottles and soon began hopping all over! The pups are a favorite among staff when they come for a visit. Flauta has severe deformity of her right front leg. The upper and lower parts of the leg are fused at a right angle at the elbow with no paw. She doesn’t use it to walk, but does put it down for support when she stops. Her left front leg and paw also have deformities, but she is able to use them.


Tamale’s deformities are more extreme. He doesn’t have any front legs! He has shoulders. He struggled to walk in the beginning because his brain thought there were four little legs. We tried several different types of carts, but he wanted nothing to do with them. We started doing exercises to help him work on his balance. One day his brain figured out how to put it all together and Tamale has been mobile ever since and keeping up with his sister.


They both have come a long way and have been through a lot, both Parvo (an often deadly virus) and kennel cough! They made it through and are now ready for their forever home. We would like nothing better for these two to stay together as they are very close. Flauta and Tamale are sweet as can be and have proven they are handy-capable! Do you want to be their new family? Email and tell us why you think you should be their forever home.


Saving severely injured animals can be quite taxing on MCACC staff. It takes a lot of time, people and resources to fix these poor, injured animals. Many of MCACC’s life-saving programs are funded through donations.  The Sunnie Fund was established to assist the injured animals we care for. For more information about how you can help MCACC and other animals like Flauta and Tamale, please visit


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