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Air Quality Information at Your Fingertips


When you’re looking to find more information on the air you breathe here in Maricopa County, we offer the following air quality resources available to you: visit our educational website to learn more about the pollutants that plague our air and what you can do to help out.  We can send you text and email messages when a health watch or high pollution advisory is issued.  When you are aware of the air quality, you can take action to reduce your exposure and reduce your pollution contribution.


Air Quality Forecast: our partners with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality publish a daily air quality forecast every Sunday through Friday by 1:00pm for the Maricopa County area.  In this forecast, you will see the health message for the forecast day, read the air quality synopsis and view the Air Quality Index [AQI] ratings for our most prominent pollutants in the Maricopa County area. The forecast is available online at   


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