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The purpose of Maricopa County’s Subdivision Regulations is to provide for the orderly growth and harmonious development of the County; to insure adequate traffic circulation through coordinated street systems with relation to major thoroughfares, adjoining subdivisions and public facilities; to achieve individual property lots of reasonable utility and livability; to secure adequate provisions for water supply, power, drainage, protection against flood, storm water retention/detention, sanitary sewerage; paved streets and other accesses; and other health and safety requirements; to consider adequate sites for schools, recreation areas, and other public facilities; to promote the conveyance of land by accurate legal description; and to provide practical procedures for the achievement of this purpose.

The following list includes text amendments that have recently been approved and incorporated into the current version of the Subdivision Regulations.

Case # Document Topic Approval Date
TA2006009 MCSR Pre Plat approvals 12/20/2006
TA2007009 MCSR Fee Increase 06/20/2007
TA2010021 MCSR Phased Preliminary Plats 03/16/2011

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