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Fee Schedule

The Planning & Development Department administers fee schedules approved by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. The Department oversees plan review and inspections related to Parcel Verification (Addressing), Building, Zoning and Drainage. Fee schedules are structured to cover the cost of services. Fees will vary widely depending on the type of project, valuation, and all of the unique elements related to a particular parcel / site.

Reviews may be required from other County departments, i.e., Environmental Services for Onsite Wastewater, Flood Control District, Department of Transportation, Storm Water and Air Quality. Each reviewing agency possesses a set of regulations in which the assessment of fees are dependent on the level of review.

The fee information and estimator tools contained herein pertain to construction permits through the Planning & Development Department.

Initial or upfront fees are required when the project has been accepted for review. All fees collected will be applied toward the final cost of the permit. View the List of Initial Fees by Permit Type. Please note that some of the permit types reflect the upfront fee serves as the full fee amount.

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You may refer to Zoning Ordinance and Local Additions and Addenda for fee schedule information.

For additional information, call 602-506-3301 or email