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Services & Fees

All dogs ages three months of age and older receive a rabies vaccination and dog license/tag as part of their adoption fee.

All animals adopted from MCACC must be spayed or neutered prior to leaving the shelter. If the cat or dog you adopt has not yet been altered, he/she will need to stay an extra day or two for surgery.

Adoption Fees

Puppies and Dogs

  • Six months of age and younger - $100
  • Over six months of age - $75
  • Seniors (Five years of age and older) - $20
  • Bench Warmers (Dogs who have been at MCACC for 30 days or longer) - $20

Kittens and Cats

  • Six months of age and younger - $50
  • Over six months of age - $0 (adoption fee waived)
  • Seniors (Five years of age and older) - $0 (adoption fee waived)
  • Bench Warmers (Cats who have been at MCACC for 30 days or longer) - $0 (adoption fee waived)
Other Fees

Rabies Vaccination

$34 per dog (Check our monthly calendar of events for free rabies vaccination clinic dates and locations)


$25 per animal

Dog being vaccinated

License Fees

  • Sterile Dog License - $17
  • Unaltered Dog License - $42
  • Sterile Dog License for Senior Citizen owned dog - $6 (Owner must be 65 years or older; limit two discounted dogs per household)
  • Sterile Dog License Penalty - $2 per month
  • Unaltered Dog License Penalty - $4 per month

Animal Surrender Fees

  • Surrender/Turn In Pet Fee - $51 (Owned dog or cat)
  • Surrender/Turn in Pet Fee - $96 (Stray/feral cat)

What can I do about my neighbor's barking dog? Barking dog issues are addressed through the local noise ordinances of the city or town. If you have a barking dog issue and the owner resides in an unincorporated area, you may call MCACC at (602) 506‑7387. Please be prepared with the address of where the dog(s) reside. You must provide your full name, address and telephone number to file a complaint. Anonymous calls are not accepted.

My neighbor is not taking care of his pets and I think he is abusing them. Can you help? MCACC does not have the legal authority to investigate animal cruelty complaints. Suspicions of animal cruelty or neglect should be reported to your local law enforcement agency. If you live in an unincorporated area of Maricopa County, call the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

What can I do about a dead animal on the road? MCACC does not take reports of dead dogs and cats. Citizens should contact the city where the deceased animal was found and ask for the phone number of the appropriate agency to handle dead animal pick up.

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