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Dog License
Dog license - Nemoy

Thousands of pets find their way to our shelters every year. A majority of these animals have no form of identification and are never reunited with their families. Licensing your dog is not only the law - it helps ensure that your beloved pet will be returned home safely.

In Maricopa County, all dogs three months of age and older are required to have a license and rabies vaccination. If your licensed dog is picked up by one of our Animal Control Officers, we will make every attempt to bring your dog home to you immediately‑and save you (and your dog) a trip to the shelter. Cats do not need to be licensed.

If your dog does arrive at MCACC and has a current license, his first 24 hours at the shelter will be at no charge. Licensed dogs receive longer care periods while our staff exhausts every option to contact you. Additionally, if a licensed dog bites someone, he may be eligible for home quarantine instead of being quarantined in our facility or a veterinary hospital.

DISCLAIMER: The license is not valid if the applicant has offered, used, transmitted or caused to be transmitted any information or data that is false, fraudulent or incorrect in any manner. Please note: The forms are best filled out on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, not a mobile phone.

Dog License (New & Renewals)

When applying for a dog license for the first time, you will need the following information:

  • Completed Rabies Vaccination Certificate including:
    • Owner's name and address
    • Pet Information (name, breed, color, age, etc.)
    • Date that the Rabies Vaccination was administered
    • Manufacturer and serial/lot number of the vaccination used
    • Term of the vaccination or date revaccination is due
    • Veterinarian hospital/clinic where your dog was vaccinated
    • Veterinarian's ID/License number and signature that administered the vaccination
  • Visa, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard number and expiration date.

If you are renewing a dog license that does not require a vaccination, please have your renewal notice and credit card information in front of you before continuing.

If your dog is spayed/neutered, we will need documentation from your veterinarian that the dog has been sterilized.

During the application process, you will be provided with an opportunity to scan and submit your completed Rabies Vaccination Certificate (RVC). If you do not have scanning capability, you can submit your RVC by one of the following options:

Attention Web Licensing
(602) 506‑0275
Animal Care & Control
Attention Web Licensing
PO Box 2959
Phoenix, AZ 85062‑2959


Dog Tag Replacement

To obtain your dog's replacement tags, please have your credit card information in front of you and click here to fill out the online application.

Apply Now!

Kennel Permit

"Kennel" is defined as an enclosed, controlled area, inaccessible to other animals, in which a person keeps, harbors or maintains five or more dogs under controlled conditions (ARS 11-1001). For more information or to apply for a kennel permit, please view the Kennel Permit Application.


Why do I need to license my dog? The law in Arizona requires that all dogs three months of age and older must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed. Maricopa County Animal Care & Control is the licensing agent for all municipalities within Maricopa County (with the exception of Fountain Hills and Native American reservations).

Dog owners must complete a license application within 15 days of vaccination. Residents new to Maricopa County and new dog owners must purchase a license within 30 days. A penalty will be assessed to owners who do not apply within the required timeline. Failure to license a dog is a class 2 misdemeanor (Arizona Revised Statute ยง 11-1008).

I received a notice to license my dog, but he already has one. Why did I get this? Data for notices is captured from vaccination certificates. If your pet is licensed under a specific name (such as a nickname) but his/her vaccination certificate lists a name other than the one on your pet's current license, then the record would be stored and a notice would be mailed.

Does my dog get any special benefits by being licensed? YES! Found dogs wearing an MCACC license tag can be reunited quickly with their owner.

  • If your dog is wearing his/her tag and someone confines him/her and calls MCACC's phone number engraved on the tag, the primary phone number on your account will be provided to the caller 24/7/365.
  • If your dog is confined by one of our officers, MCACC staff will attempt to take your pet home to you immediately, skipping a trip to one of our facilities.
  • If your dog is taken to one of our facilities, he or she will receive a longer care period. We will exhaust every option we have to contact you using the information on your account in our database.
  • If your dog bites someone, he/she may be eligible for home quarantine instead of quarantine in one of our facilities or a veterinary hospital.
By licensing your dog, you are helping thousands of other animals. License fees support the operations and care of the animals in our East and West Valley Animal Care Centers.

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You are now leaving the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control site to submit your dog replacement tag application through our contracted vendor. If you do not wish to submit your application through our vendor's site, you must mail in your completed application along with a check or money order payable to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control. Click Ok to proceed or Cancel to return to our site.

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