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Looking for a new pet?

MCACC has hundreds of animals in search of loving homes. We encourage you to visit one of our adoption locations so that you can view the animals and get a feel for their personality.

Click here for a list of adoption center locations and hours.

Ready to adopt?

View the dogs currently in our shelters and adoption centers

View the cats currently in our shelters and adoption centers

Just complete an animal adoption application, and a short questionnaire. Adoption fees include the cost of spay/neuter surgery. All adoptable animals must be spayed or neutered prior to going home.

If you adopt an animal who has not yet been altered, he/she will remain at the shelter an extra day or two for surgery. Dogs three months in age or older will also receive a rabies vaccination and dog license tag as part of their adoption fee (cats are not required to be rabies vaccinated or licensed in Maricopa County).

For a list of adoption prices, click here


I saw a pet on TV. How do I adopt him? Our media pets are either available on the same day, or the day following when they make their appearance. If more than one person/family is interested in adopting a media pet, a drawing will be held for the adopter. You must be present to enter the drawing. Please call (602) 506‑PETS (7387) for more information about the specific pet and where he/she is available for adoption. Here are some of our regular media spots:

  • Every Saturday on 12News Weekend (pet available the same day at 11 AM)
  • Every other Thursday on 12News Midday (pet available the following day at 11 AM)
  • Every other Friday in the Arizona Republic (pet available the following day at 11 AM)
  • Fourth Tuesday of each month on 94.5 KOOL FM Radio at 8:40 AM (pet available the same day at 11 AM)
  • Every other Wednesday at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Channel 11 (pet available the following day at 11 AM)

I'm looking for a particular breed, can you tell me if you have any at your shelter? Due to the large volume of animals that we take in, we are unable to tell you over the phone or by email if we have the particular breed you are seeking. You can click on the dog or cat photo in the Ready to adopt? section above to see what animals are currently at our shelters.

I adopted an animal at your shelter and he is now sick. What can I do? Although all pets adopted from MCACC have had their basic vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery, we cannot guarantee the health of any adopted animal. When you adopt your dog or cat from us, we will provide you with a list of valley veterinarians who will provide a free health check within 10 days of adoption. Please check your adoption paperwork for the list and take your pet in for the checkup. Not all animal diseases have symptoms right away, but a veterinarian will be able to identify any health‑related problems.

Unfortunately, MCACC does not have veterinary staff available to provide medical help once a pet is adopted. If your pet is showing signs of illness, take him or her to a veterinarian for treatment. Remember, most illnesses can be easily treated if they are diagnosed early. If you wait to provide treatment for your pet, you risk your pets health and a larger vet bill. If your pet is having complications related to the spay/neuter surgery, please call us at (602) 506‑PETS (7387).

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