Maricopa County Office of the Public Defender
Employment Information

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with the Office of the Public Defender. The information contained in this section if for the convenience of the general public. Official statements of minimum qualifications, job descriptions and current recruitments are available from Maricopa County Human Resources, whose information will supercede any and all information stated on this website.

Employment Advantages and Our Benefits
    There are many advantages of working for the Office of the Public Defender including the opportunity to work and learn under the guidance of well-respected, experienced criminal practitioners. In addition, working for the Office of the Public Defender carries with it some excellent benefits so prospective employees may monitor the Maricopa County Employment webpage for job announcements.

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Law Clerk Program
    The Maricopa County Public Defender Law Clerk Program gives third year law students and recent law graduates an opportunity to assist attorneys in many aspects of a criminal case. Law clerk positions are available in the trial, appeals, capital, and mental health divisions of our Office.

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Internship Program
    The Internship Program is designed to give interns exposure to the work environment of a Public Defender’s Office, including opportunities to observe and assist in legal proceedings and contribute to the work of the criminal defense team. The Program integrates interns into our Office and allows them to assume some of the same responsibilities as our full time personnel.

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