Mind Boggle
In this class students will experience group dynamics and develop team-building skills such as communication, leadership, cooperation, and trust. Students will work together in fun, group activities to overcome challenging obstacles.

Mind Boogle Standard 1 Standard 2 Standard 3 Standard 4 Standard 5 Standard 6 Standard 7
Physical Activity Standards GK /1PA-R1/PO1 GK /C2PA-R1/PO2 GK /3PA-R1/PO2 G4-8/4PA-E1/ G4-5 /PO1 GK /5PA-R1/PO1 GK /6PA-E2/ G4-5 /PO1 GK /7PA-R1/PO2
GK /1PA-R1/PO2 G4-8/2PA-E1/ G6-8 /PO1 GK /3PA-R2/PO2 GK /5PA-R1/PO2 GK /6PA-E2/ G4-5 /PO2 GK /7PA-R1/PO3
GK /1PA-R1/PO3 GK /5PA-R1/PO3 GK /6PA-E2/ G6-8 /PO1 GK /7PA-R2/PO1
G1-3 /1PA-F2/PO2 GK /5PA-R2/PO1 G1-3 /7PA-F1/PO1
G1-3 /1PA-F4/PO1 GK /5PA-R2/PO2 G1-3 /7PA-F1/PO2
G1-3 /1PA-F7/PO1 G1-3 /5PA-F1/PO1 G4-8/7PA-E1/ G4-5 /PO1
G4-8/1PA-E1/ G4-5 /PO3 G1-3 /5PA-F1/PO2
G1-3 /5PA-F2/PO1
G1-3 /5PA-F2/PO2
G1-3 /5PA-F3/PO1
G1-3 /5PA-F3/PO2
G1-3 /5PA-F4/PO2
G1-3 /5PA-F5/PO1
G4-8/5PA-E2/ G4-5 /PO1
G4-8/5PA-E3/ G4-5 /PO1