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Countywide Reports

Report TitleFiscal Year   
Purchasing Card (P-Card) Expenditures2016Full Report
ERP System Implementation2016Full Report
Travel2016Full Report
Risk Assessment Report2015Full Report
Monitoring of Audit Reports: Federal Grant Funded Organizations2015Full Report
Customer Satisfaction Survey2015Full ReportInfographic
Risk Assessment Report2014Full Report
Advertising Contract Report2014Full Report
Procurement Card Transactions2013Full Report
Federal Grant Funded Organizations' Audit Report Monitoring2013Full Report
Risk Assessment Report2013Full Report
Countywide Procurement2012Full ReportHighlights
Payroll System Implementation Review2012Full ReportHighlights
Grant Funded Organizations Federal Audit Compliance Review2012Full ReportHighlights
Performance Measure Certification2012Full ReportHighlights
Contracts and Agreements2011Highlights
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)2011Full Report
Grant Funded Organizations Federal Audit Compliance Review2011Full ReportHighlights
Countywide IT Inventory2011Full ReportHighlights
Performance Measure Certification2011Full ReportHighlights
Countywide Vehicle Usage2010Full ReportHighlights
Countywide Contracts2010Highlights
Grant Funded Organizations Federal Audit Compliance Review2010Full ReportHighlights
Purchasing Cards2010Highlights
Surprise Cash Counts2010Highlights
Performance Measure Certification2010Full ReportHighlights
Countywide Contracts2009Highlights
Grant Funded Organizations Federal Audit Compliance Review2009Full ReportHighlights
Countywide Fleet2009Full ReportHighlights
Software Purchasing Contract2009Highlights
Countywide IT Governance2009Full ReportHighlightsVideo
Countywide Data Centers2009Full ReportHighlightsVideo
Countywide Travel Audit2009Highlights
Surprise Cash Counts2009Highlights
Performance Measure Certification2009Full ReportHighlights
Countywide Contracts2008Full ReportHighlights
Grant Funded Organizations Federal Audit Compliance Review2008Full Report
Procurement Cards2008Full Report
Surprise Cash Counts2008Full Report
Performance Measure Certification2008Full ReportHighlights

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