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Integrated Criminal Justice Information System
Integrated Criminal Justice Information System



ICJIS applications and infrastructure are used to exchange hundreds of millions of electronic transactions every year, most in a real time environment. With the exception of some internal applications, ICJIS does not store data within its infrastructure.

Please spend a few moments and review our web site to learn more about how ICJIS assists stakeholders by creating, maintaining and innovating state of the art electronic data exchanges and internal applications.

ICJIS History

ICJIS is a Maricopa County department, formed in 2000 as a result of passage of Propositions 400 and 401 in 1998. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors urged voters to "adopt the propositions as vital public safety measures". The propositions generated a one-fifth of a cent sales tax to be used over seven years for:

  • Financing construction of new adult and juvenile facilities
  • Maintaining and operating adult and juvenile jail facilities
  • Funding the implementation and integration of criminal justice information systems for the purpose of reducing the expense of adult and juvenile jail facilities

Therefore, the mandated mission of ICJIS is to facilitate the integration of disparate information systems among Maricopa County criminal justice departments, for the purpose of reducing expenses resulting from non-integrated criminal justice systems. At the time, non-integrated system expenses included:

  • Duplicate and redundant data entry and data collection
  • Criminal Justice departments not sharing data of common interest
  • Incomplete and untimely data collection using paper based processes
  • Inconsistencies between paper files and computer databases within and between agencies
  • Failure to use a unique common identifier for incidents and offenders
  • Difficulties in planning and assessing the effectiveness of criminal justice programs due to the lack of comprehensive data

The Governance of ICJIS has evolved over time and currently has the following:

  • Executive Committee - highest level group that sets policy, direction and budget. Typical members are Presiding Judge, Sheriff, County Attorney, and Clerk of the Court, Public Defender, and County Manager. This group meets quarterly.
  • Business Team - reports to Executive Committee for planning and priorities. Typical members are an Administrator, a Chief Deputy, or IT Director. This group meets monthly.
  • Technical Group (JaLET) - reports to Business Team for technology, security and project management. Typical members are IT Managers, Security Officers, Application and Infrastructure Managers. This group meets bi-weekly.

From 2000 to the present, ICJIS has had as few as 4 and as many as 25 staff members, and an annual budget ranging from 1.6 to 8 million dollars, depending on the level of new development and maintenance involved. Currently, there are 6 staff with a budget of 1.6 million dollars serving ICJIS stakeholders.

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Business Hours: Monday - Friday
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