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Integrated Criminal Justice Information System
Integrated Criminal Justice Information System

Major Data Exchanges

ICJIS has developed dozens of data exchanges that allow stakeholders to send and receive data real time between agency case management systems. The following are representative of the major data exchanges; the total number of data exchanges is well over one-hundred.


Information sent to ICJIS by law enforcement agencies on arrest, received by the Jail for booking actions, the Court for Initial Appearance actions, and the County Attorney for charging action.

Booking and Release

Information sent from the Sheriff's Office every time a person is booked into Jail or Released from Jail. This real time exchange is consumed by the Courts, County Attorney, Clerk's Office and Correctional Health Services to update their case management systems.

Initial Appearance

Information sent by the Court every time an inmate makes their first court appearance, usually within 24 hours of booking. Information on release conditions, bond amounts, financial capabilities, criminal history and custody status are sent real time to interested agencies.

Scheduled Court Event

When court hearings are set, rescheduled, or vacated, information is sent real time to interested parties. This information, including the hearing type, date and time, judge and calendar, is consumed real time by the stakeholder's data systems.

File a Case

When the County Attorney (Prosecutor) files a criminal case, this information, including the charges and filing documents, is sent to the Clerk's Office, the Court, and the Sheriff's Office and Indigent Defense agencies. The ICJIS Common Case Number internal application creates and/or designates a CCN for the case.

Assign an Attorney

Every time an attorney is assigned or changed by the County Attorney, Public Defender, or through the Court for a private attorney, the information on the attorney including bar number, firm association and dates of assignment are sent along real time to interested stakeholders.

Disposition and Sentencing

When charges are disposed of and if applicable, eventually sentenced by the Court, this detailed information for each individual charge on the criminal case is sent real time to interested stakeholders in and outside of Maricopa County.

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