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 Working with our community to ensure
 a safe and healthy environment.

Language Liaisons

The Environmental Services Department has the following Hispanic and Chinese Liaisons:

  • Hispanic Liaison:
  • Michael Britt
  • Phone: (602) 506-6956
  • Phone: (602) 372-4583
  • Chinese Liaison:
  • Li Hwang
  • Phone: (480) 820-7655 ext. 223

Cultural Liaison Activities:

  • Inspects all permitted facilities within an assigned to the Cultural liaison program. The district will encompass those establishments where there is a language barrier. The Liaison works collaboratively with establishments to educate and assist them in ensuring and maintaining compliance with codes and regulations. This includes conducting training exercises as well as legal enforcement action if necessary.
  • The Liaison accompanies other inspectors to their establishments when a language barrier exists to conduct training ride along and assist in the verbal translation to Spanish language operators.
  • The Liaison translates documents and eductional materials from English to Spanish or Chinese, and teaches Spanish food handler classes when assigned.
  • The Liaison works closely with the Department’s Community and Media Relations Manager to disseminate information to the public.
  • The Liaison Investigates citizen complaints from permitted establishments assigned to the Hispanic/Chinese liaison program.
  • The Liaison performs Food-borne Illness and epidemiological investigations in establishments assigned to the Hispanic liaison program. Assist and provide input in developing Policies and Procedures (such as Division Standard Operating Procedures and inspection tips).
  • The Liaison assists the Division with training. This may include training in various cultural and ethnic foods and training new staff. The training may require public speaking engagements.
  • The Liaison reports directly to the Program Supervisor for QA/QC.