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 Working with our community to ensure
 a safe and healthy environment.

Quality & Compliance Division

The Quality & Compliance Division consists of seven main program areas with a broad range of delegated responsibilities. These program areas include Enforcement, Training of Department Personnel, Investigation of Foodborne Illness, review of HACCP Plans and Variances, Language Liaisons, the intake of Complaints for the entire Department, and Management Analysts.

Complaints - The Complaint Line assists citizens of Maricopa County with filing complaints regarding Maricopa County Environmental Health Code violations that they have observed so that the Department can conduct an investigation. It also provides general information and refers customers to the proper agency if necessary.

Enforcement - The Enforcement Program is responsible for enforcing and ensuring compliance with federal, state and county environmental health code regulations.

Environmental Related Illness - The Environmental Related Illness program is responsible for the investigation of Foodborne, Waterborne and Reported communicable diseases.

Language Liaisons - The Language Liaisons assist the Department in circumstances that require communication in languages other than English and assist the Department in translation of documents for public presentations.

Management Analysts - The Management Analysts assist the Division in developing Policies for Department use, observe and interpret Department trends, and assisting the Division Manager.

Training - The Training team fulfills training needs for the Environmental Services Department and provides public outreach to the community

Variance/HACCP - The Variance/HACCP program is responsible for the review of variance application to conduct operations outside the MCEHC, review applications for exemptions from the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code (MCEHC), and provide technical, scientific or investigational assistance.