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Wellness Works Be Well Incentive Program rewards you for taking an active role in your health. If you are enrolled in a County-sponsored medical plan and complete the required Be Well activities, you could earn an incentive of up to $60/month or $720/year.

Here is a flyer that describes how to earn your incentive for Plan Years 2016-2017 AND 2017-2018.

Plan Year 2016-2017 

Be Well Activities include a Biometric Screening (BS), a Health Assessment (HA), and a Tobacco-Free Activity (TFA)*. The (HA) and (BS) are required activities. Completing both of them will earn you an incentive of up to $40/month. If you also complete the TFA your incentive will increase to $60/month.

The next Biometric Screening clinic will be Monday, October 10, 2016 at the Security Building, 224 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix.

For the remainder of 2016, the Biometric Screening clinics will be available on a walk-in basis. Here is the schedule:

The Health Assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You can complete it either before or after your Biometric Screening.  Once you click "Finish and View Results" the Health Assessment is locked until the next program year.

You have two options for completing the Tobacco-Free Activity.

Plan Year 2017-2018

The Be Well Activities you complete for Plan Year 2016-2017 will carry over to Plan Year 2017-2018 and will convert to points. If you earn $60/month, 60 points will carry over. If you earn $40/month, 40 points will carry over.

All you need to do is earn an additional 20-40 points from the Rewarding Activities category to accumulate either a total of 80 points ($40/month) or 100 points ($60/month). To learn more about the Rewarding Activities visit the incentive page on your StayWell Portal.

If you do not complete a TFA, you can only earn a maximum of 80 points ($40/month.)

Please note: If you do not complete your Be Well Activities by May 31, 2017, you will not qualify for a Wellness Incentive in Plan Year 2017-2018. No exceptions.


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