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Wellness Works, the Wellness program for Maricopa County employees, strives to establish a work environment that promotes healthy lifestyles, decreases the risk of disease, and enhances employees quality of life.

The program encourages employees and their families to strengthen their health and well-being through physical activity, proper nutrition, self-care, and stress management.




Maricopa Countyland: Holiday Survival Challenge
November 17 – January 5

CL logoIt can be the most wonderful time of year. It can also be the most stressful. To help you stay on track (or get on board) with a wellness plan between Thanksgiving and the start of 2015, Wellness Works has designed a 50-day Holiday Survival Challenge.

Similar to the iconic board game Candyland, Maricopa Countyland requires minimal reading and strategy skills; players just need to follow directions. It’s easy!

The challenge is designed for individuals to complete a series of wellness activities in the color-coded categories of stress reduction, nutrition, physical activity, and well-being.  Using the Maricopa Countyland game board, players move from one colored square to another, selecting and completing one activity from each category for every day of the challenge.

Everyone who completes the 50-day Holiday Survival Challenge is a winner.  However, the department with the highest percentage of participation will earn bragging rights as the team winner of Maricopa Countyland.

To sign up for the Holiday Survival Challenge, register through Survey Monkey. When you register, you will give your department credit for participating and have the opportunity to sign up for weekly holiday survival tips.

We are also encouraging you to take photos, and/or post your accomplishments to our Facebook page, Maricopa County Wellness Works.

TRX Station Featured in Fitness Center/Group Exercise Studio Improvements

trxPadded flooring, improved ventilation, a pull-up bar, and the addition of a TRX training station are some of the recent upgrades in the fitness center and group studio at 301 W. Jefferson St.

The TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) station (pictured on right) is a suspension training system that uses your own body weight instead of relying on machines or dumbbells.  It helps develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously.

If you would like to incorporate TRX into your workout, you will need to schedule a training session with Jan Hertzfeld, Fitness Coordinator. Contact Jan @ hertzfeldj@mail.maricopa.gov for an appointment.

Individual TRX workouts and training sessions can only be done when there is not a group exercise training scheduled. Refer to the group exercise schedule for the class schedule.


Do You Know Your Stress Level?

ehfd logoWellness Works encourages you to assess your stress to identify your current level of stress and to take five minutes out of your day to address your stress with proven stress reduction techniques. The assessment is anonymous; you will receive your stress score and its interpretation after completing the assessment.

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