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Are you a new employee to Maricopa County or a Maricopa County employee who just became eligible for benefits?

If so, follow these steps to enroll in benefits:

IMPORTANT: You have 30 calendar days from your date of hire, or the date of change in your employment status from temporary to regular, or the date your employment changed to 19 or more hours per week, to complete your enrollment elections online through the Benefit Enrollment System via the ADP portal.

New hires, or newly benefit-eligible employees who feel they need a refresher, should plan to attend a New Employee Orientation (NEO). Your department's Human Resources (HR) Liaison will assist in getting you scheduled. Please review the What's New? booklet prior to attending NEO.

Once your HR paperwork has been processed, your information will be transmitted to the Benefit Enrollment System. A Newly-Eligible event will be created that allows you to elect benefits. Allow approximately two weeks from the date your HR paperwork is processed by Employee Records for this process to occur. A personalized "Benefit Enrollment Worksheet" will be mailed to your home address to assist you in entering benefit elections online.

Log on to the Benefit Enrollment System and input your benefit elections within 30 calendar days of your hire date or from the date of the change that caused you to be eligible for benefits. If benefit elections are not made within 30 calendar days of your hire date or from the date of change, you will be automatically enrolled in the Cigna HMO medical plan, the Co-Insurance Pharmacy plan, Behavioral Health plan, and Basic Life Insurance for coverage. If you have dependents, they will not be covered for any benefits. In addition, you will not automatically receive the premium reductions for completing the health assessment or biometric/nicotine presence screenings.

Once you have submitted your elections, print a copy of the Confirmation Page to keep for your records.

A Confirmation Statement will be mailed to your home address after your Benefits Eligible period has ended. However, you should print the Benefit Summary to keep for your records.

Complete the Biometric Screening within 45 calendar days of your benefit effective date to earn the $10 per pay period medical premium reduction retroactively.

After you have enrolled in medical coverage and received your medical ID card, complete your online Health Assessment within 45 calendar days of your benefits effective date to earn another $10 per pay period medical premium reduction retroactively.

Voluntarily participate and pass the Non-Tobacco User screening to earn an additional $10 per pay period premium reduction. First, you must pass the test for nicotine presence, which may be completed during your Biometric Screening. The test for nicotine presence can be taken separately if you choose not to participate in the Biometric Screening. In addition, during your benefit enrollment, you must also attest that you and your covered dependents have not used tobacco products in the past six months. Review these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Non-Tobacco User Premium Reduction.

Timeframe for Premium Reduction to be Reflected on Paycheck
During the third week of each month, Cigna submits a report to the Maricopa County Employee Benefits Division indicating which employees completed the screenings during the prior 30 days, along with the date in which each screening was completed. From the point that the report is received, it may take up to two pay periods for an employee to see the premium reduction(s) reflected in his/her paycheck.

Benefit Premiums & Effective Dates
Benefit premiums are deducted beginning on the first day of the 3rd pay period following your hire date. Premiums are not pro-rated. In general, benefits are effective the first day of the 3rd pay period following your date of hire.


Benefits Home Page:

Intranet: ebc.maricopa.gov/benefits (intranet access required)
Internet: www.maricopa.gov/benefits