Employee Benefits
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Are you a new Maricopa County employee or a Maricopa County employee who just became eligible for benefits?

If so, the information below is an overview regarding benefits eligibility, available plan options, benefit premiums, and the enrollment process.

IMPORTANT: You have 30 calendar days from your date of hire or the date of change in your employment status to complete your benefit elections online through the Benefit Enrollment System via the ADP Portal. Contact your HR Liaison or Employee Benefits to obtain the registration code.

Benefits Eligibility:
Definition of an Eligible Employee
Definition of an Eligible Dependent

In general, benefits are effective the first day of the month following your date of hire.

You should plan to attend a County New Employee Orientation (NEO). Your department Human Resources (HR) Liaison will assist in scheduling you for a session. Review the What’s New? booklet prior to attending NEO.

If you cannot attend the County NEO, the Department of Employee Benefits and Health hosts a presentation each month covering Benefits and Wellness information only.  Click here for the complete 2017 County and Benefits and Wellness Presentation schedule.

Available Plan Options:
The Employee Benefits Home Page provides 24/7 access to benefit summaries and plan information including:   

Benefit Premiums:
Benefit premiums are deducted beginning on the pay day associated with the pay period in which you became eligible. Premiums are not pro-rated if you become eligible for benefits in the middle of a pay period. 

The Enrollment Process:
A personalized "Benefit Enrollment Worksheet" will be mailed to your home address to assist you in entering your benefit elections online.  This worksheet will show the default coverage.  If benefit elections are not made within 30 calendar days of your hire date or  date of benefits eligibility, you will be automatically enrolled in the Cigna HMO medical plan, OptumRx Co-Insurance Prescription plan, Magellan Behavioral Health plan, Basic Life and Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance. If you have dependents, they will not be covered for any benefits.  You must take action to make your own choice.

To complete your enrollment, log into the Benefit Enrollment System via the ADP Portal.  Click on your ‘Newly Eligible Event’ and follow the ‘Top Down’ process to elect each benefit.  Click on the ‘Submit’ button to confirm your elections and print a copy of the Confirmation Page to keep for your records.  A Confirmation Statement will also be mailed to your home address after your Benefits Eligible period has ended.

After Enrolling in Benefits:

Wellness Works Be Well Program:
You have the opportunity to reduce your medical premium by completing Be Well Activities: a Biometric Screening, Health Assessment, Tobacco-Free Activity, and Rewarding Activities. To qualify for a wellness incentive and participate in certain Maricopa County wellness programs, information about you will need to be exchanged between Maricopa County and its wellness services administrator, StayWell Health Management (“Staywell”). You will be asked to read and respond to a Wellness Consent while completing your benefit elections in the Benefit Enrollment System. If you consent you will be granted access to the StayWell Portal to complete your Be Well Activities.

For additional information or for general benefit questions, contact the Employee Benefits Division, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm at (602) 506-1010.