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Maricopa County is committed to providing affordable, quality health care benefits coverage to its employees and their families.

This website provides access to benefits information 24/7. Find a health care provider, view a summary of benefits, download forms, and access vendor's websites.


fireworksHappy New Year!

The new Benefits Plan Year (PY 2014-2015) starts on Tuesday, July 1, 2014. Here is some information to help you navigate the start of the New Year.


Insurance Cards:











Cigna Dental



Cigna Prepaid Dental HMOs



Cigna Medical HMO



Delta Dental



Health Care FSA cards






Reliastar Life Insurance company, a member of the ING family of companies






UnitedHealthcare PPO



UnitedHealthcare HDHP with H.S.A.



* New enrollees and dependents only 
** New enrollees or expired card replacements

If You Added a New Dependent to Your Coverage for the Upcoming Plan Year:
You will receive a letter from ADP asking you to provide documentation to verify that your newly added dependent is eligible for coverage. Failure to respond to this request will result in your dependent being dropped from coverage retroactively to 7-1-2014, and you will be financially responsible for all claims incurred.

If You Transitioned from Cigna to UnitedHealthcare:
Prior to scheduling a medical appointment, make sure that your provider is in the UnitedHealthcare network. Call 1-888-876-7098 (Group #901632) or check online:

If You Enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare HDHP with H.S.A. Plan and Did NOT Complete the Affirmation Statement for the County to Open a Health Savings Account on Your Behalf during the Online Open Enrollment Process:
You will need to set up a Health Savings Account (H.S.A.) at Optum Bank

If You Transitioned from the Cigna HDHP with H.S.A. Plan to the UnitedHealthcare HDHP with H.S.A. Plan for PY 2014-2015, and Did Not Submit a “Request to Close and Transfer Health Savings Account” form to the Employee Benefits Office:
You will need to make arrangements with JPMorgan Chase and Optum Bank to transfer any funds in your health savings account.

Timeline for JP Morgan Chase H.S.A. Closure and Transfer of Funds to Optum Bank:

If You Enrolled in the Health Care Flexible Spending Account, or  You Have a Health Savings Account Opened at Optum Bank:
These accounts will be funded the first week in July.

Check Your Benefit Deductions on the First Paycheck of the New Plan Year:
July 16 is the first paycheck of the new Plan Year. This is the second paycheck in the month of July.

The Survey Says...

The annual 2013-2014 Employee Benefits survey was conducted by the Office of Research and Reporting. The results indicate the overall level of satisfaction with Employee Benefits is 94%.


WalgreensTake Care Health Center / Walgreens Pharmacy @ Administration Building, 301 W. Jefferson

The Take Care Health Center (480.347.4791) and Walgreens Pharmacy (602.283.9925) conveniently located on the second floor of the Administration Building provides onsite pharmacy, health care, and laboratory services Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. The center is closed daily for lunch from 1:00-1:30 pm.

Bio LogoNewly Benefits-Eligible Employees:

Save On Your Medical Premium - It's as Easy as A-B-C (Biometric / Non-Tobacco User Screening Process)

You can receive up to $30 a pay period with these premium reductions:

A. Biometric Screening $10.
B. Health Assessment $10.
C. Non-Tobacco User $10.

A & C can be completed together, or separately. It is your choice.