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"Is Ergonomics for Everyone?"

Ergonomics is for everyone! It is not just for those who have "carpal tunnel" symptoms or are seeing a physician or has a prescription for something. Everyone needs to be using their body the most effectively with minimal risk; and have the proper tools and furniture for maximizing one's safety and productivity.

Common Misconceptions:

It is not about getting people the latest and greatest computer hardware and/or "ergonomic" equipment and furniture for everyone. It's really about fitting the work environment to you to eliminate or minimize your risk of injury.

Just because is says Ergonomic doesn't mean it's worth spending extra dollars on. The term ergonomic doesn't even mean it would be beneficial to you. The ergonomics specialists evaluate on a case by case basis to guide your department in spending wisely.

"How Do I Contact Ergonomics?"

If you are having discomfort, we want to hear from you. Complete the following ergonomic request form and send it to us.

Please feel free to contact one of the following Ergonomists:

"How Can Ergonomics Benefit Me?

The Ergonomic Specialists can:

"Why does Maricopa County have this program?"

Our goals are to: