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Program Policies, Procedures, Guidance and Fact Sheets

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Issued Doc # Title
03/21/2013 PP-2012-004 Enhanced Regulatory Outreach
12/19/2006 PP-2006-01 Environmental Justice
Issued Doc # Title
04/10/2012 TG-2012-001 Permitting Threshold for Silk Screen Printing
08/16/2010 PP-2010-001-R Permitting of Illegal Drug Incineration
02/17/2010 N/A Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Plant Compliance Assurance Policy
03/02/2008 N/A Requirements, Procedures and Guidance in Selecting BACT and RACT
01/23/2008 N/A Standardized Permit Condition Guidelines for Performance Test Requirements
12/29/2006 N/A Interim Guidance for Title V Permit Revisions
08/29/2005 N/A Rule 220 - Facility Changes (Flow Charts)
03/24/2005 N/A Title V Application Guidance
01/26/2005 N/A Operation and Maintenance Plan Guidelines
01/26/2005 N/A Operation and Maintenance Plan Notes and Tips
05/30/2002 N/A Non-Road Engines permitting policy
Semiconductor Industry
05/04/2001 N/A Part I, Acid/Base Emissions & Wet Scrubber Performance Test
06/04/2001 N/A Part II, Procedure to Determine Requirement for Operation and Maintenance Plan Point of Use/Exhaust Conditioner Units
11/12/2001 N/A Part III, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Abatement Performance Test
03/26/2002 N/A Part IV Insignificant and Trivial Activities Guidance Document
(Non-Title V Sources)
02/14/2001 N/A Procedure to Determine Crematory Performance Testing Requirement
01/30/1996 N/A Air Quality Permitting Process (Flow Chart)
Technical Guidance Documents
Issued Doc # Title
10/11/2011 TG-2011-001 Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) Permitting Technical Guidance
10/21/2010 TG-2010-001 Cottonseed Stockpiles and Rule 310
11/17/2004 TG-04-001 Rule 311, section 502.2 Furniture Manufacturing Recordkeeping
07/11/2001 TG-01-001 Rule 335 VOC limits onsite coating manufactured bldg and mobile home factories
12/20/2000 TG-00-002 Rule 353 Inspection of gasoline dispensing tanks receiving fuel less than once per week
09/02/2009 TG-99-004 Evaluation of Volumetric flow from Cotton Gins
07/16/1999 TG-99-003 Coating limits for uncoated surfaces and replacement parts used in refinishing light-duty vehicles
10/01/1998 TG-98-007 Applicability of Rule 342 to businesses not principally engaged in the manufacture of furniture
09/17/1998 TG-98-006 Determining permit applicability thresholds
09/02/1998 TG-98-005 Spraying in outdoor roofed enclosures
05/27/1998 TG-98-003 VOC from Asphalt Plants
03/11/1998 TG-98-002 P/V Valves
03/04/1998 TG-98-001 Rule: 335, Architectural Coating
08/26/1997 TG-97-002 All rules containing section 500 - test methods
08/26/1997 TG-97-001 Applicability of the hydrogen sulfide fence line limit to fuel burning equipment
09/16/1993 TG-93-005 Gel Coats
05/19/1993 TG-93-003 Vapor vent/vacuum valves at bulk plants and terminals
05/12/1993 TG-93-002 Polyester Resins RULE: 330 & 336
Spray Gun Approvals
Issued Doc # Title
05/09/2016 N/A Approval of non-digital and digital SATAjet 5000 B RP Spray Gun
02/28/2013 N/A Approval of multiple models of SATAjet Spray Gun
12/19/2012 N/A Approval of Anest Iwata WS-400 Spray Gun
02/24/2012 N/A Approval of DeVilbiss TEKNA High Efficiency Spray Guns
09/02/2011 N/A Approval of multiple models of SATAjet 4000 B RP Spray Guns
01/15/2010 N/A Approval of ITW DeVilbiss GFG-670 (Plus) Spray Gun
12/22/2009 N/A Approval of ANEST IWATA W400-LV Spray Gun
11/16/2009 N/A Approval of multiple models of DeVilbiss Spray Guns
11/05/2009 N/A Interim Approval of Rule 345 for SATA Reduced Pressure (RP) Model Spray Gun Use
Issued Doc # Title
08/01/2012 N/A Interim Determination - Dimethyl Carbonate
08/16/2010 PP-2010-002 Rule 310 and Rule 316 Dust Control Certifications
12/10/2009 N/A Interim Policy - Initial Periodic Reports/Enforcement of Non-Filing
01/14/2008 N/A Air Quality Performance Test Guidelines for Compliance Determinations
01/14/2008 N/A Air Quality Performance Test Notes and Tips
N/A N/A Tank Truck Leak Certification Check List
Issued Doc # Title
12/10/2013 PP-2012-003 Supplemental Environmental Projects
10/01/2012 PP-2012-002 Violation Self-Reporting Policy
5/21/2012 PP-2012-001 Asbestos Demolition and Renovation Penalty Guidelines Appendix A to Violation Penalty Policy
11/22/2013 PP-2011-003 Opportunity to Correct
11/22/2013 PP-2013-002 Violation Reporting and Enforcement
11/22/2013 PP-2013-003 Administrative Hearing Appeals
11/22/2013 PP-2013-004 Ombudsman Review
01/16/2008 N/A Violation Penalty Policy
Travel Reduction Program
Issued Doc # Title
08/2009 N/A Maricopa County Travel Reduction Program Task Force Enforcement Policy
Issued Doc # Title
12/19/2006 PP-2006-02 Delinquent fees
Rule Interpretations
Issued Doc # Title
04/15/2011 PP-2011-002 Trackout Control Devices and Rule 310
02/01/2011 PP-2011-001 Gasoline Dispensing Facilities Stage I Component Certification Policy
05/20/2010 N/A Revised Interim Rule 316 Implementation Policy
03/04/2010 N/A E85 Applicability under Rule 353
Applicability of Rule 353 to E 85 Fuels - Attachment Part 1 Applicability of Rule 353 to E 85 Fuels - Attachment Part 2 Applicability of Rule 353 to E 85 Fuels - Attachment Part 3
02/03/2010 N/A Exemption of Flame Cultivation Equipment
12/13/2002 N/A Block Permit Applicability
Program Guidance - EPA Guidance Letters
Issued Doc # Title
09/25/2009 N/A Concurrence on Alternative Moisture Content Requirements for Hot Mix Asphalt Plants
08/27/2009 N/A Concurrence on Alternative Moisture testing Method with Speedy Moisture Meter
Official Fact Sheets
Asbestos NESHAP
Mobile Air Monitoring Program
Air Quality Permit Information
Dust Abatement Handbook
Dust Abatement Field Guide
Project Information Sign
Gravel Pads
Rule 314 - Open Burning and Burning in Indoor Fireplaces at Commercial and Institutional Establishments
P-21 – Vehicle Idling Restriction Ordinance
P-25 – Leaf Blower Restriction Ordinance
P-26 – Residential Woodburning Restriction Ordinance
P-27 – Vehicle Parking and Use on Unstabilized Vacant Lots
P-28 – Off-Road Vehicle Use in Unincorporated Areas of Maricopa County
Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Chimineas During the Holidays