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Permit Engineering

The Maricopa County Air Quality Permit Engineering Division is responsible for reviewing applications for Title V, Non-Title V and General permits. Follow the links on the left side of your screen for these respective areas as well as permit application forms and informational documents.

What is an air quality permit?

A permit is a written authorization to build, install and/or operate equipment that emits, or controls, the emissions of air contaminants such as:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds [VOCs]

  • Particulate Matter [PM10 or PM2.5]

  • Carbon Monoxide [CO]

  • Nitrogen Oxides [NOx]

  • Sulfur Oxides [SOx]

  • Lead [Pb]

  • Hazardous Air Pollutants [HAPs]

For more information on the Maricopa County Air Quality Department permitting process, view our
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Permit Division Primary Contacts
Richard Sumner Permit Engineering Manager (602) 506-1842
Scott Treece Title V Permitting and Performance Testing Supervisor (602) 372-1341
Todd Martin Non-Title V Supervisor (602) 506-7248
Jennifer Channel Development Services Supervisor (602) 506-7844
Mark Hubbard Business Assistance Coordinator (602) 506-5102

Permit Division Staff Contacts
Eric Funderburk Permit Engineer (Title V) (602) 506-4669
Henry Krautter Permit Engineer (Title V) (602) 506-7302
Robert Tate Permit Engineer (Title V) (602) 372-0949
Arezou Lahouti Permit Engineer (Non-Title V) (602) 372-3093
Li Sa Kon Permit Engineer (Non-Title V) (602) 372-3060
Lizabeth Gomez Permit Engineer (Non-Title V) (602) 506-6711
Ralph Munoz Permit Engineer (Title V) (602) 506-6674
Sara Seuberling Permit Engineer (Non-Title V) (602) 506-6945
Sean Riley Permit Engineer (Non-Title V) (602) 506-6920
Vasanti Deshpande Permit Engineer (Non-Title V) (602) 506-1202
Faye Bruno Permit Engineer (Non-Title V) (602) 506-6742
Mike Sonenberg Permit Engineer (Non-Title V) (602) 506-5542
Casey Bryan Permit Engineer (Non-Title V) (602) 372-0997
David Kim Testing Engineer (602) 506-7086
Emily Lem Testing Engineer (602) 506-5257
Quyen Nguyen Testing Engineer (602) 506-6904
Nicole Stanczak Testing Engineer (602) 506-6011
Denitra Brent Permit Technician (602) 506-6094
Diana Gonzalez Permit Technician (602) 506-6702
Mark Dunnigan Permit Technician (602) 506-6702
Mark Thompson Permit Technician (602) 372-3032
Nancy Luther-Kasemeier Permit Technician (602) 506-6702
Permitting Division Phone (602) 618-9337

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