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Monitoring Network

The Maricopa County air monitoring division maintains several ambient air monitoring networks within the borders of Maricopa County.

The purpose of the ambient air monitoring network is to sample air pollution in a variety of settings, assess the health and welfare effects, and assist in determining sources of air pollution. In general, six basic monitoring objectives and five measuring scales are used to determine the network design. Additional items such as availability of power, accessibility to site, security, geographic location, and fiscal and personnel resources are also used in determining feasibility of the network design.

Since it is physically and fiscally impossible to monitor the air in every location, representative samples must be obtained. These samples are determined by using the monitoring objectives and the spatial measurement scales. The network must be dynamic enough to maintain a current representative sample of the air quality. Air quality issues such as eight-hour ozone non-attainment boundaries and permits for new sources are diverse and controversial subjects for the citizens of Maricopa County. With its robust air monitoring network and mobile monitoring tools, the department strives to provide the most reliable and relevant air monitoring data to the public.

Acronym Name Location AQS Code
BE Buckeye Hwy 85 & MC 85 04-013-4011
ME Mesa Broadway Rd. & Alma School Rd. 04-013-1003
BP Blue Point Usery Pass & Bush Highway 04-013-9702
NP North Phoenix 7th Street & Dunlap Avenue 04-013-1004
CC Cave Creek 32nd St. & Carefree Highway 04-013-4008
PP Pinnacle Peak Pima Rd & Pinnacle Peak 04-013-2005
CP Central Phoenix 16th St & Roosevelt 04-013-3002
RV Rio Verde Forest Rd & Del Ray Ave. 04-013-9706
DC Durango Complex 27th Ave. & Durango St. 04-013-9812
SP South Phoenix Central Ave. & Broadway 04-013-4003
DY Dysart Dysart Rd & Bell Rd. 04-013-4010
SS South Scottsdale Scottsdale Rd. & Thomas Rd. 04-013-3003
FF Falcon Field Mckellips & Greenfield 04-013-1010
TE Tempe College Ave. & Apache Blvd. 04-013-4005
FH Fountain Hills Palisades & Fountain Hills Blvd. 04-013-9704
WC West Chandler Ellis St. & Frye Rd. 04-013-4004
GL Glendale 59th Ave & W. Olive 04-013-2001
WF West 43rd Ave 43rd Ave. and Broadway Rd. 04-013-4009
GR Greenwood 27th Ave. & Interstate 10 04-013-3010
WP West Phoenix 39th Ave. & Earll Dr. 04-013-0019
HI Higley Higley Rd. & Williams Field Rd 04-013-4006
ZH Zuni Hills 109th Ave & Deer Valley Rd. 04-013-4016
HM Humboldt Top of Humboldt Mountain 04-013-9508

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A fundamental purposes of this review is to provide the citizens of Maricopa County with relevant information, so that they may make better decisions about their lives. This information is used in a variety of ways. Most importantly it is used to determine the attainment status for parts of Maricopa County. Another purpose is to determine permit conditions of new industries. Mathematical models are created using the data to determine the effectiveness of control programs on pollution levels. Also, other models are created to determine the possible locations of new sites and help in pollution forecasts.