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Subcontractor Registration

New Applications – New Subcontractor registrations are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Fill out the New Subcontractor Registration application and save it to your computer.
  2. Access our Online Portal where you will attach the completed form.
  3. Pay the $50.00 fee with a valid credit card.

*We also offer mail-in and walk-in service at the addresses listed on the application.

Renewal Applications - If you renew online no form is required, just a valid Subcontractor Registration number and a payment of $50.00 with a valid credit card. To access the Online Portal click here. If you prefer mail-in or walk-in service please fill out the Renewal Subcontractor Registration Application below and submit it to the locations listed on the application.

Address change? Please fill out our Subcontractor Change Request Form below and submit via email, walk-in or mail to the addresses listed on the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 49-474.06 and Maricopa County Rule 200 (Permit Requirements) require subcontractors engaged in dust-generating operations at a site that is subject to a Maricopa County dust control permit to register with MCAQD and pay an annual fee of $50.00.

  1. Who is required to have a subcontractor registration number?

    Any subcontractor who is engaged in dust-generating operations (e.g. land clearing, maintenance, and land cleanup, earthmoving, weed abatement, excavating, construction, demolition, bulk material handling, storage/transporting operations, etc.) at a site that is subject to a Maricopa County dust control permit is required to register and obtain a registration number.

  2. What are dust-generating operations?

    Dust-generating operations are defined in Maricopa County Rule 310 as: Any activity capable of generating fugitive dust, including but not limited to, the following activities:

    • Land clearing, maintenance, and land cleanup using mechanized equipment.
    • Earthmoving.
    • Weed abatement by discing or blading.
    • Excavating.
    • Construction.
    • Demolition.
    • Bulk material handling (e.g., bulk material hauling and/or transporting, bulk material stacking, loading, and unloading operations).
    • Operation of any outdoor equipment.
    • Storage and/or transporting operations (e.g., open storage piles, bulk material hauling and/or transporting, bulk material stacking, loading, and unloading operations).
    • Operation of motorized machinery.
    • Establishing and/or using staging areas, parking areas, material storage areas, or access routes to and from a site.
    • Establishing and/or using unpaved haul/access roads to, from, and within a site.
    • Disturbed surface areas associated with a site.
    • Installing initial landscapes using mechanized equipment.

  3. How can I verify a companies subcontractor registration?

    Subcontractor registration numbers may be verified by visiting Velocity Hall and following these steps

    1. Click "Go"
    2. Click "Check/Research Permits,"
    3. Under "Look up Permits/Projects," click "By Permit Number"
    4. Enter the registration number in the "Permit Number" field and click "Search."

  4. Who is NOT required to register with the MCAQD?
    • Vendor/supplier delivery trucks (except import, export and stacking operations and operations using ancillary motorized equipment, such as a forklift)
    • Lunch trucks or food vendor
    • Waste management trucks
    • Regulatory agencies

  5. Our company doesn't seem to do a dust generating activity, but we drive on unpaved parts of permitted sites. Do we need to register?

    Yes. Driving on unpaved sites or haul/access roads is considered a dust-generating activity, and if you're doing this on a site subject to a dust control permit, you are required to register with Maricopa County Air Quality Department as a subcontractor.

  6. My company holds the dust control permit for 90% of our jobs, but on occasion, we are contracted to do work for another permit holder. Do we need to register?

    Yes. You need to register prior to performing dust-generating activities on a site where you are not the permit holder. Registration is not necessary for companies who always hold the dust control permits for sites on which they work.

  7. Do I need to attend training?

    There is no training requirement associated with subcontractor registration; however, based upon the work you perform on a site, you may need to attend training.

    There are dust control training requirements for "dust-generating operations" in Rule 310 Section 309. The definition of a "dust generating operation" can be found in Rule 310 Section 209. Rule 310 can be found at the following link:

    There are also dust control training requirements for nonmetallic mineral processing facilities in Rule 316 (see Section 309 and 310). Rule 316 can be found on MCAQD's website at the following link:

    For further information about training requirements, please call (602) 372-1467.

  8. How/where do I apply for a subcontractor registration number?

    Online Submittal

    Applications and Renewals can be submitted electronically - fill out the proper application (link at top of page); save the completed form; submit electronically using the online submittal portal.

    Mail or Walk in Service

    Mailed applications should be directed to the MCAQD Central Office or walk-in service at either location shown below. Be sure to include:

    (1) Completed and signed subcontractor registration application and

    (2) Check or money order for $50.00 made out to MCAQD if mailing; credit cards are also accepted for walk-ins.

    MCAQD Central Office
    1001 N. Central Ave., Suite 125
    Phoenix, AZ 85004.
    One Stop Shop
    501 N. 44th Street, Suite 200
    Phoenix, AZ 85008.

    We are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm excluding major holidays.

  9. How do I display my number?

    Subcontractors must display their registration number on every job site on which the company works. This does not mean that each vehicle or each piece of equipment must have the number displayed.

    The number needs to be visible from a distance without having to approach an individual on the site.

    The registration number may be displayed in a number of ways other than painted on a vehicle.

    • Paper sign affixed to the vehicle or equipment window
    • Sign at the entrance with your company's name on it and the SC number
    • Magnet on the door or bumper
    • Rearview mirror hanger
    • Banner near subcontractor’s work location

    Window display is a valid option so long as the number is visible from the exterior of the vehicle. Both window display and bumper/door magnets are good methods of displaying registration numbers for those using personal vehicles or renting equipment.

  10. To whom is the registration issued?

    A registration may be issued to an individual, a partnership, Limited Liability Company or a corporation.

  11. What if my business address changes?

    You will need to notify MCAQD by mailing a completed and signed "Subcontractor Name Change Request" to MCAQD at:

    Dust Compliance Division
    1001 N. Central Ave., Suite 125
    Phoenix, AZ 85004

    Please click here to obtain the subcontractor registration change request form.

  12. What if the ownership of my business changes?

    A subcontractor registration cannot be transferred. A completed and signed "Registration Cancellation Request" should be mailed to MCAQD voluntarily cancelling your registration number and the new owner, partnership, LLC, or corporation must apply for a new registration.

  13. What happens if I don't register?

    If you do not register, you are in violation of Maricopa County Rule 200 § 306. Maricopa County will allow a 60-day registration period from June 2 through July 31, 2008. Beginning August 1, 2008, if you are found to be in violation of Rule 200 § 306, you will be issued an Opportunity to Correct indicating a requirement to register with MCAQD within 30 days.

  14. What is the penalty fee for late renewal of my subcontractor registration?

    There is no penalty fee for late renewal; however, having an expired subcontractor registration may be a violation of Rule 200 § 306 and could result in a Notice of Violation and a monetary penalty.

  15. When will I receive my registration number?

    Your registration will be processed and e-mailed to you within five business days or you can call (602) 506-6010 to make arrangements to pick up your registration at:

    Maricopa County Air Quality Department
    1001 N. Central Ave., Suite 125
    Phoenix, AZ 85004

    Please click here to obtain the subcontractor registration application form.

    You can also obtain the application form by visiting either of our locations:

    MCAQD Central
    1001 N. Central Ave., Suite 125
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
    Phone (602) 506-6010
    One Stop Shop
    501 N. 44th Street, Suite 200
    Phoenix, AZ 85008
    Phone (602) 372-1071

  16. How long is my registration valid?

    A registration is issued for one year and must be renewed annually with the required $50.00 on the anniversary month of original issuance. A renewal notice will be mailed to the address on our records which you have provided.

    Please click here to obtain the subcontractor registration renewal application form.

  17. How do I get additional copies of the registration number for all my employees, vehicles, and pieces of equipment?

    The registration number can be copied or reproduced in any format as long as the registration number is readily accessible on-site while conducting any dust generating operations and it is visible and readable by the public without having to be asked by the public.

    Your registration number must be readily accessible on-site while you are conducting any dust-generating operations. The subcontractor’s registration number must be visible and readable by the public without having to be asked by the public. The registration number may be posted in a sign that is visible on the subcontractor’s vehicle or equipment, on a sign that is visible in the window of the subcontractor’s vehicle or equipment, or posted on a sign where the subcontractor is working on the site.

    You can paint or label your registration number on your vehicles or equipment so that it is visible and readable by the public.

  18. Will my registration number change next year?

    Your registration number will not change unless you request a new number or there is an unforeseen circumstance that prevents the MCAQD from issuing the same registration number.

  19. How do you make sure all applications are received from legal, Arizona companies?

    The Maricopa County Air Quality Department requires all applicants be registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission before their application is approved. As per A.R.S. §10-1501, a corporation SHALL NOT transact business in this state without obtaining authority from the Commission. The requirements our department follows can be found on the Arizona Corporation Commission website here. Click on "Arizona Laws" then scroll over "Corporations Statutes" and visit chapters 15 and 38 to view these requirements.

  20. What does my $50 registration fee pay for?

    The subcontractor registration fee pays for the impact of the program on the Air Quality Department. Some of the areas it pays for are the administrative processing of the registration, the extra inspections required and the administrative processing of paperwork related to inspections.