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Bulk Material Handling

These photographs show front-end loaders dumping dirt into haul trucks. No dust control methods are being used.

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Untarped Trucks

These trucks are leaving a construction site without a tarp covering their load. This is a violation of Maricopa County Air Quality Rule 310.

Untarped Trucks Photo 1 Thumbnail Untarped Trucks Photo 2 Thumbnail


When work sites exit onto a paved roadway it is required to install trackout control devices to help prevent particulate matter from adhering to the tires and exterior surfaces of vehicles. When trackout exceeds a cumulative distance of 25 feet or more it is required to be cleaned-up immediately.

Trackout Photo 1 Thumbnail Trackout Photo 2 Thumbnail Trackout Photo 3 Thumbnail Trackout Photo 4 Thumbnail

Weed Abatement

Apply water before, during, and after weed abatement by discing or blading. Also limit visible emissions to 20% opacity.

Opacity Grey Scale
Example of opacity readings in a grayscale

Weed Abatement Photo 1 Thumbnail Weed Abatement Photo 2 Thumbnail Weed Abatement Photo 3 Thumbnail Weed Abatement Photo 4 Thumbnail

WindBlown Dust

Vacant lots and open areas are required to be stabilized against fugitive dust emissions. Some control measures to stabilize an area include preventing access to motor vehicles, installing vegetative cover, applying surface gravel, or applying a dust suppressant to disturbed areas. See Maricopa County Rule 310.01 for more information.

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