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Dust Sources


The Dust Compliance Division regulates dust generating operations under Rule 310.

Tips to Reduce Fugitive Dust

  • A dust control permit is required on all job sites that will disturb more than 1/10 acre (4356 sq.ft.) of soil. See Dust Control Permit Applications for an online application form. Read and know your dust control permit and plan.

  • Implement your dust control plan and ensure that all workers or subcontractors on site understand their responsibility while on site.

  • Use your contingency dust control measures when primary control measures are ineffective.

  • Prevent dust from exceeding visible emission limitations of 20% opacity.

  • Monitor the worksite for compliance with the dust control plan and keep records of dust control method implementation.


Maricopa County's Rule 310 (Fugitive Dust Sources), Section 502 states that any person who conducts dust generating operations that require a Dust Control Plan shall keep a daily written log recording the actual application or implementation of the control measures delineated in the approved Dust Control Plan.

In order to better describe what should be included in a daily written log, Maricopa County created samples of daily record keeping logs for Rule 310.

Provided in the Dust Compliance Resources are three dust log examples. You can use one of these three samples or you can create your own daily record keeping log for Rule 310. Whichever format you choose to keep your log in is up to you, but you must keep a daily written log recording the results from inspecting your dust control measures. If you have further questions about dust control, please call (602) 506-6010 or (602) 372-2703.

For examples of Dust Control Logs, visit the Dust Compliance Resource page

To report violations:

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