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Rule 310 Training FAQs

Maricopa County Rule 310.1111 Section 309 requires that a site superintendent or other designated on-site representative of the permit holder present on sites that have more than one acre of disturbed surface area shall have successfully completed the Basic Dust Control Training class, as described in Section 309.1 of the same rule.

Maricopa County Rule 310 Section 309 also requires that all water truck and water-pull drivers at any site subject to a permit under this rule shall have successfully completed the Basic Dust Control Training class, as described in Section 309.1 of the same rule.

Maricopa County Rule 310 Section 310.6 requires that any site of five acres or more of disturbed surface area subject to a permit under this rule shall, at all times during primary dust-generating operations related to the purposes for which the Dust Control permit was obtained, have on site at least one individual designated by the permit holder as a Dust Control Coordinator. The Dust Control Coordinator shall have successfully completed the Comprehensive Dust Control Training class, as described in Section 310.2-310.6 of the same rule.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is required to possess Basic certification and who is required to possess Comprehensive certification?

    All water truck drivers and water-pull drivers must possess the Basic Dust Control Training certification.

    If a site has more than one acre of disturbed surface area, the site superintendent (or other designated on-site representative) of the Dust Control permit holder must possess the Basic Dust Control Training certification.

    If a site has five or more acres of disturbed surface area, a Dust Control Coordinator in possession of the Comprehensive Dust Control Training certification must be present on-site during all primary dust-generating operations.

  2. Are subcontractors required to complete Dust Control Training?

    There is no training requirement associated with subcontractor registration; however, based upon the work you perform on a site, you may need to attend training. For example, if you drive a water truck or water-pull or you are designated as an on-site representative, you need to complete Basic training. Additional information: Subcontractor Registration Program.

  3. How do I go about obtaining the applicable Dust Control certification?

    The Maricopa County Air Quality Department offers both Basic and Comprehensive Dust Control Training classes. For more information, and to enroll in a class, see the Rule 310 Training Website.

  4. Where can I find the entire rule related to this requirement?

    Maricopa County Rule 310 – Fugitive Dust from Dust-Generating Operations (specifically Sections 309 & 310) can be found here: Rule 310.

  5. What is the penalty if I don't complete Basic/Comprehensive training?

    If you do not complete the required training, you are in violation of Maricopa County Rule 310. Maricopa County will issue the permit holder a Notice of Violation (NOV) upon discovery of the offense, indicating the requirement to complete training. Newly appointed employees will be granted 30 days from their date of hire to complete training and attain the applicable certification. An identification card will be issued by the department upon completion of training, and is to be carried by the certified individual at all times while on-site.

  6. How long is my certification valid?

    Basic & Comprehensive certifications are both valid for a period of three years from the date on which training was completed. After three years, you must retake the class to recertify.

  7. How do I get a replacement photo identification card, if necessary?

    If you have lost your ID card, you will need to make a non-commercial public records request. The replacement card will cost $5.00, and you will have to come in person and show ID to pick up your replacement card at 1001 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85004. More information on how to place a public records request, as well as the photo ID card replacement form, can be found at: Records Request Website.

  8. What is smoke school or visible emissions certification?

    While not required, it is recommended that Superintendents and Dust Control Coordinators be familiar with reading opacity from visible emissions. A visible emissions certification is obtained through successful completion of smoke school, to include satisfactory results on a visible emissions test. The department does not offer visible emissions certification. The department does not have a certification or approval program for smoke school providers and cannot make any recommendations for or against any providers. The list below was prepared to offer assistance to individuals who may be looking for that service. Please note that selection of a smoke school provider is not limited to those that appear on this list.

    Carl Koontz Associates
    Contact: Carl Koontz
    (615) 889-9494

    Arizona Smoke School
    Contact: Fred Elis
    (480) 226-0945

    Compliance Assurance Associates
    Contact: Jeff Johns
    (901) 381-9960 ext. 304