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Burning Activities

Open Burning and Burning in Indoor Fireplaces and at Commercial and Institutional Establishments

Burning activities create particulate matter, which is harmful to human health. To reduce particulate matter air pollution, open outdoor fires and indoor fireplaces at commercial and institutional establishments are regulated by Rule 314. All types of open outdoor fires are prohibited in Maricopa County, except for those specifically allowed by Rule 314. Many burning activities require a permit. Even most of those that do not require a permit are restricted during some time periods. See the list of the kinds of burning activities for details.

Be sure to check with your local fire department to find out if there are additional local procedures for or restrictions on burning activities.

How to Obtain a Burn Permit

Complete a burn permit application for each burn site location and submit it, with the appropriate application fee, to:

Maricopa County Air Quality Department
Attention: Burn Permits
1001 N. Central Avenue, Suite 125
Phoenix, AZ 85004

An inspector will visit the site(s) before the permit can be issued. If you have questions about the permit application process, call (602) 506-6010 or email

What to Do When You Are Ready to Burn

Almost all burning activities require the following three steps (after a burn permit, if needed, has been issued):

1. Call 602-506-6400 to determine if a High Pollution Advisory (HPA) or Director determined no-burn day has been declared. If an HPA or director-determined no-burn day has been declared you may not burn on that day.

2. Call your local fire department or dispatcher center and notify them of your intent to burn. If they do not give permission to burn, you may not burn on that day.

3. Notify the Air Quality Department by phone 602-506-6010, fax 602-506-0586, or email with your burn information.

See Rule 314 for specific about your type of burning activity, or contact Air Quality at (602) 506-6010 or email for more information.

How to Report Violations

To report a violation, use the Air Quality Violation online complaint form or call (602) 506-6010 (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, with voice mail available after business hours and on weekends).