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Idle Control Programs / Technologies

Trick My Truck
  1. SMART WAY Transport Partnership with EPA
    Truck technologies that save fuel or use fuel more efficiently can pay for themselves through fuel savings. They also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollution. Take a look at the EPA SmartWay calculator. This will help truck owners compare the costs and estimate the fuel savings associated with various efficiency technologies. The calculator is designed for owners of single trucks as well as multiple-truck fleets.
  2. Idle Reduction Technologies for Trucks
    Examples of these fuel saving technologies are:
    • Automatic Shut-Down/Start - Up Systems - electronic diesel engine shut down after a set time period.
    • Battery - keeps the inside of a vehicle cab warm in the winter or cool in the summer.
    • Auxiliary Power Unit or Generator Set - provides heat and air conditioning for the cab.
    • Electrified Parking Spaces - Electric shore power connectivity can provide heat, air conditioning, and electrical power.