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Welcome from the Director’s Office

Welcome to the Maricopa County Air Quality Department website. Our Department’s mission is simple: we exist to provide clean air to Maricopa County residents and visitors so they can live, work and play in a healthy environment. Our challenge lies in fulfilling that mission. We are currently in nonattainment for coarse particulate matter (PM10) and have our challenges meeting ozone and fine particulate (PM2.5) standards. When we do not meet air quality standards, human health is adversely impacted and visibility is diminished. In addition, failing to meet air quality standards can result in federal sanctions that impact economic development and citizen’s jobs. In short, protecting our air quality means protecting our health and our economy.

In order to meet federal health-based standards and to improve the air in Maricopa County, we approach our regulatory role from a Compliance Assurance model. This model focuses on increasing the number of facilities that meet their permit and air quality obligations (increased compliance rate). Improved compliance results in better air quality. This approach utilizes all tools such as education, outreach, business assistance and enforcement to promote compliance. Our objective is to work with our communities in the common pursuit of cleaner air and better quality of life.

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department welcomes your comments and feedback. You may contact us by email, in person, or by phone during business hours. It’s our air and our collective efforts to curb pollution that will provide clean air so we can live, work and play in a healthy environment.
Philip McNeely
Philip McNeely

Michael Fulton
Michael Fulton
Deputy Director

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