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How can I get involved

Civic Duty

Learn more about Civics and participate in our democracy, visit ICIVICS

Get involved in the election process! Work at the election poll...

16 or 17?

STEP UP for your beliefs;
STEP UP for your country;
STEP UP for Democracy;


Become one of the Student Teen Election Poll workers Understanding the Power of civic duty.

See a sample brochure and submit your application to participate.
(this image needs to be purchased if we decide to go with it.)

STEP UP program

18 or older?
If you want to become a poll worker, obtain Election Board Worker Information and apply.

Selective Service

If you are a man ages 18 through 25 and living in the U.S., then you must register with Selective Service. It's the law. According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday. Selective Service will accept late registrations but not after a man has reached age 26. You may be denied benefits or a job if you have not registered. You can register at any U.S. Post Office and do not need a social security number. To learn more about selective service, click here.

Jury Duty

The United States Constitution and the Arizona State Constitution guarantee the right to trial by jury. All Maricopa County residents are obligated by state law to serve as a juror unless they are under the age of 18, not a citizen, do not possess sufficient knowledge of the English language, and/or have been convicted of a felony and their civil rights have not been restored.

To receive more information on Jury Service visit the Judicial Branch of Arizona Maricopa County


Many people of all ages like to spend part of their free time doing some kind of volunteer work at a animal shelter, park, hospital, day care center, homeless shelter, library, etc. The satisfaction of helping others along with the opportunities to learn new skills and gain work experience are just some of the benefits of volunteering. Young adults just like you are making valuable contributions to their communities. Here are some of the volunteer opportunities to consider.

Service Learning is a form of learning that combines the process of learning something with service to a community. Most service learning projects involve investigating a problem, planning a solution or project to help deal with the problem, performing the activity, consideration of how the activity was completed, and then celebration of what was achieved.

A service project may be a recycling program that helps one understand the recycling process or park restoration and cleanup projects that get students outside to help them better understand the natural world.

Community Service is performing an action which benefits your community. Some people associate community service with punishment, since it is often offered to small-time offenders as an alternative to fines or jail time. However, community service can also be altruistic, and it is a vital part of many small communities. Getting involved in your community makes it healthier and livelier, and numerous organizations around the world support community service activities.

Things which could be considered community service include tutoring children, building homes in low income areas with Habitat for Humanity, assisting the elderly, socializing animals at animal shelters, being a museum tourist guide, performing habitat restoration, contributing to the operations of volunteer fire departments and emergency services, or helping with civic beautification. In all cases, community service work is performed by volunteers who are not paid for their time. In some instances, the work would not be accomplished without the work of such volunteers, and many small organizations rely on people with community spirit to survive.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer options abound. Many nonprofit organizations and public organizations may need volunteers. Volunteering can be a way to enrich your community, gain work experience, and even explore different career paths.

If you are a teen looking for volunteer options, start with your local middle school or high school. School counselors may have lists of organizations that will give you ideas of groups seeking volunteers, and schools may even request your help at the school, or at other schools in your district that need support, or that offer chances for teens to tutor or mentor younger students. Also consider any nonprofit organization that you support.

Here are some types of organizations which usually look for volunteers:

  • Parks or Recreation Centers
  • Animal Shelters
  • Red Cross
  • Churches
  • Political Organizations
  • YMCA's
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Community Organizations
  • Special Olympics
  • Food Pantries & Soup Kitchens
  • Salvation Army


Maricopa County offers many volunteer opportunities for you.