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Curfew! I have to be in WHEN?

What is Curfew?

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Curfew is how late you can legally stay outside in a public place. The State of Arizona allows each city to set curfews, and they can be different from place to place. If you violate curfew you may be ticketed, have to pay a fine or do community service or held at the police station while a parent or guardian is called. Your parent or guardian is also susceptible to being cited for your violation of curfew laws. Curfews are often different on weekends and weeknights and are often different if you are under the age of 16 or under the age of 18.


Each city enforces its own laws and those of the State. A city's law is sometimes called a 'Municipal Code' or 'City Code.' Curfew times vary from city to city within Arizona

Curfew Strictly Enforced street sign

Your best source for the curfew law in your city is your local police department or city attorney's office. You may also search an external Municipal Code web site for more city codes

Possible consequences if curfew is violated:

  • Some police departments issue tickets for violating curfew
  • Some may give you a warning or take you to the police station and call your parents
  • You may have to pay a fine or do community service and have a juvenile record
  • Your parents or guardian may have to pay a fine, do community service
  • Both you and your parents may be found responsible for a Status Offense