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Job Readiness - Basic Computer Skills

Being successful in the business world means having a broad range of up-to-date software skills that will help to optimize business productivity. Computer skills refer to the ability to use the software and hardware of a computer. Being "computer functional" is usually what is meant by one with computer skills; computer literacy is only really evident in advanced computer skills.

Basic computer skills

  • Knowing how to switch on the computer
  • Being able to use a mouse to interact with elements on the screen
  • Being able to use the computer keyboard
  • Being able to shut down the computer properly after use
Young woman using the computer

Intermediate skills

  • Functional knowledge of word processing.
  • How to use e-mail
  • How to use Spreadsheets
  • How to use Databases
  • How to use the Internet
  • Installing software
  • Installing an operating system
  • Navigating a computer's file systems.

Advanced skills include

  • Programming
  • Use of a computer for scientific research
  • Fixing software conflicts
  • Repairing computer hardware

A Basic Computer Skills booklet is also available for review that is sponsored by Greene County Public Library.

If you need training in Basic Computer Skills check with your local library, Maricopa County Workforce Connection, and Phoenix Workforce Connection for training classes.