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Strategic Goal By 2015, the average fuel efficiency rating for County non-idling sedans will be at least 26 miles per gallon or greater, an improvement of 90% from the 2010 rating.

Trend over time:

Average Miles Per Gallon for County Fleet of Non-Idling Sedans

Why this is Important:

Maricopa County maintains a personal fleet of over 2,000 vehicles and maintains a road network of over 2,600 miles with signals at over 115 intersections. According to the U.S. EPA, transportation contributes 29% of the total green house gas emissions, the major cause of global climate change. Additionally, unstable roadway shoulders and dirt roads are major contributors to dust production dilemma that Maricopa County has been challenged with for years.

How progress is measured:

Average miles per gallon for County fleet of non-idling sedans
Maricopa County Department of Equipment Services

Where we are:

Current indicator value (FY2011): 25.2

Equipment Services Department is improving the miles per gallon (mpg) rating as indicated by the FY2011 data which went from 24.0 miles per gallon to 25.2 mpg.

The trend that miles per gallon are increasing is a positive sign that the goal of 26.0 mpg in the County fleet is within reach.

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