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Strategic Goal By 2013, actual energy use will be no more than 26 kilowatt hours per square foot in County buildings, a reduction of 7.5% from 2009 levels.

Trend over time:

Energy Use (kWh) per sq. ft. in County Buildings

Why this is Important:

This indicator provides a measure of the County’s efforts in enhancing and expanding internal conservation programs for reducing both energy and water usage in County buildings, which will strengthen our environment, contribute to sustainable development, and save the taxpayers dollars.

How progress is measured:

Energy use per square foot of County buildings

Where we are:

Current indicator value (FY2011): 26.9

Energy use in county buildings continues to decline, down for the third consecutive year, from 28.1 kWh per square foot in FY2009 to 26.9 in FY2011. If the trend continues, it is likely that the County will achieve its goal for reducing annual energy use in County buildings within the targeted time frame.

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