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Strategic Goal By 2015, the voluntary turnover rate of full-time employees will be maintained at or below 10%.

Trend over time:

Annual Rate of Turnover (Voluntary) of Maricopa County Employees

Why this is Important:

Turnover matters because it is costly, can affect an organization’s performance, and may become increasingly difficult to manage. Employee departures cost an organization time, money, and other resources. Employee retention is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction, quality service delivery, and community outcomes.

How progress is measured:

Annual rate of voluntary turnover at end of fiscal year

Where we are:

Current indicator value (FY2011): 5.9%

Maricopa County government is well under its 2015 goal of 10% in retaining employees. The turnover rate for FY2011 was 5.9% This was accomplished in part by reinvigorating and promoting employee training to include improved supervisory training and the addition of many other classes.

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