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Strategic Goal By 2015, Maricopa County will reduce the number of intersection fatalities in unincorporated County areas from 13 to 10, an improvement of 23% over 2007.

Trend over time:

Total number of intersection fatalities:

2010: 3

2009: 5

2008: 7

Why this is Important:

In 2009, there were 33,808 fatalities on our Nation’s roadways. Of these, 7,043 (20.8% of total fatalities) were intersection or intersection related. An intersection is a planned point of conflict in the roadway system. With different crossing and entering movements by both drivers and pedestrians, an intersection is one of the most complex traffic situations that motorists encounter. Dangers are compounded when we add the element of speeding motorists who disregard traffic controls. Intersection safety is a national, state, and local priority.

How Maricopa County government influences this goal:

Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) influences this goal through its on-going transportation improvement projects.

How progress is measured:

Total number of intersection fatalities on Maricopa County government maintained roadways

Where we are:

According to data from MCDOT, the County has experienced a reduction in the total number of intersection fatalities for three consecutive years, and has achieved the goal. The County will continue to track this measure.

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