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Strategic Goal By 2015, the share of employment in base or export industries, as measured by the percentage of jobs in high-tech manufacturing in the Greater Phoenix metro area, will increase to 3.2% of total employment in Maricopa County.

Trend over time:

Percent of Greater Phoenix Employment in High-Tech Manufacturing

Why this is Important:

Economic conditions underlie many other issues facing County residents, as well as the ability of County government to direct resources to critical public services. A key to economic strength and prosperity is to have base industries (those that derive their income from exporting goods and services outside the region) make up a healthy share of the local economy. Base industries bring income into the region and are essential to economic growth. The economy in Maricopa County needs to focus more on base industries.

How Maricopa County government influences this goal:

The Board of Supervisors entered into several economic development agreements with Maricopa County organizations, such as the Greater Economic Development Council, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the East Valley Partnership, among others, that are designed to assist in the creation or retention of high-tech manufacturing and/or base industry jobs that will otherwise improve or enhance the economic welfare of the inhabitants of Maricopa County.

How progress is measured:

Percent of greater Phoenix area employment in high-tech manufacturing
Elliott D. Pollack and Co. from Arizona Department of Economic Security

Where we are:

In 2010, the percent of employment in high-tech manufacturing in the greater Phoenix area was 2.9% of total employment. This was down from the 3.0% in 2009.

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