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Strategic Goal By 2013, 80% or more of County residents will indicate satisfaction with County government performance, as measured by positive responses on the annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

Trend over time:

Citizen Satisfaction with County Government

Why this is Important:

Citizens want and deserve quality services from government for their tax dollars. Understanding how the County’s performance is viewed by its customers is paramount to improving the quality of service delivery. This goal is aimed at improving overall citizen satisfaction with County government.

How progress is measured:

Positive responses (satisfied and very satisfied) to question 3 on the annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey: "How satisfied are you with Maricopa County government?"

Where we are:

Current indicator value (FY2011): 70%

According to the 2011 Annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 70% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with County Government. This is up from 64% in 2010, but not back to the high ratings seen in 2007 and 2008.

The uptick in citizen satisfaction rating is a positive sign that the perception of County government is rebounding from the challenges of the past few years. If the annual satisfaction rating continues to improve, there is a good possibility that the goal will be achieved in the targeted time frame.

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