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Strategic Goal By 2014, 85% of probate cases will meet case-monitoring compliance standards, and the remaining cases will be as close to case-monitoring standards as possible.

Trend over time:

Percent of Probate Cases Reviewed within 30 Days of Required Due Date

Why this is Important:

At any given time, there are more than 25,000 pending probate cases of all kinds in the county. Although the term "probate" refers only to establishment of the validity of a will, the judges and court commissioners assigned to the Probate Court are responsible for a broad variety of matters in addition to decedents' estates. Most of the new probate cases filed involve decedents' estates. But the vast majority are resolved informally without the involvement of a judge or court commissioner. Only when there is a dispute does the judicial officer have to become involved.

How progress is measured:

Percent of probate cases reviewed within 30 days of required due date

Where we are:

Current indicator value (FY2011): 100%

In FY2011, the 100% of probate cases were reviewed within 30 days of required due day. The goal has been exceeded in both the baseline year of FY2010 and the most recent fiscal year.

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