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Safe Kids Coalition

Motor Vehicles


One simple way to keep your child safe is by making sure they have the proper car seat for their age and size, and by securing the car seat the right way every time.


What Safe Kids is Doing


child in car seatSafe Kids Coalition performs free car seat inspections throughout the year. The seat is checked for appropriate use relating to the age and size of the child, and then it is inspected for proper installation in the motor vehicle. Education takes place with the parents or caregivers during this process.


Educational workshops are presented to groups that inquire, such as Moms Clubs, Head Start programs, schools, etc. You may call (602) 506-6860 to make an appointment to have your child's car seat checked or to find a local car seat check-up event.


Car Seat Safety Tips for Parents


  • Infants -- Use a rear-facing car seat to at least age 1 and 20 pounds, and longer if possible. Many convertible child safety seats allow infants to ride rear-facing until they reach weights as high as 30 or 35 pounds.

  • Toddlers -- Use a forward-facing (convertible or combo seat) until 40 pounds. Read child safety seat instructions to properly adjust the harness.

  • Boosters -- For a child over 40 pounds, use a booster seat with the vehicle lap and shoulder safety belts until your child passes the Safety Belt Fit Test.

  • Safety Belts -- It is safe for a child to start using a safety belt if:

    • The child can sit all the way back on the vehicle seat and their knees bend at the front edge of the seat

    • Lap belt rests on the upper legs or hips

    • Shoulder belt rests on the shoulder or collarbone

    • The child maintains the correct seating position for as long as you are in the car

  • All children under age 13 ride in the back seat.

  • Follow manufacturer's instructions for car seats, booster seats, and vehicle safety at all times.

  • Never use car seats purchased from yard sales, secondhand stores, or flea markets.

  • Never let children ride on laps or in cargo areas or pickup truck beds.


Please see our Car Seat Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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