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Safe Kids Coalition

Childproofing Your Home


Young children under the age of 4 are most at risk in the home, simply because they spend the most time there. As children grow, the incidence of home injury and death diminishes. In Maricopa County, the highest source of injury was falls in the home. During the year 2001, there were a total of 483 injuries from falls in children under the age of 9.


Safety Tips for Parents - Childproofing Your Home




  • Keep hot foods and liquids away from young children.

  • Use the back burners on the stove, and turn pot handles toward the back of the stove.

  • Keep glassware, knives, appliance cords, placemats, and tablecloths out of reach of little hands.




  • Set the thermostat of your hot water heater no higher than 120°F.

  • Lock medicine cabinets.

  • Install toilet locks.

  • Request child-resistant packaging.

  • Remove sharp utensils and appliances, like razors.




  • Beware of old cribs. Look at sharp edges, dangerously spaced slats, and corner posts.

  • Keep cribs and low-standing furniture away from windows.

  • Infants and toddlers can pull on inner cords of window blinds, creating loops large enough to pull around their necks and strangle. Keep cords out of reach of children.


Around the House


  • Check for fire hazards.

  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in every sleeping area, and check batteries often.

  • Use safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs to keep infants and toddlers off them.

  • Cover all unused electrical outlets.

  • If firearms are kept in the house, keep them locked, unloaded, and stored out of reach.

  • Install window guards on all windows that are not emergency exits.

  • Secure bookcases, shelving, and heavy furniture to walls with brackets and anchors to prevent children from climbing and tipping them over on themselves.

  • Use broad-based carts for TVs, fish tanks, and other appliances, and secure carts and appliances to walls.

  • Keep first aid supplies on hand.

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