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Community Health Worker Internship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What do CHWs do?

CHWs are needed to assist individuals and communities to adopt healthy behaviors, and conduct outreach for medical personnel or health organizations to implement programs in the community that promote, maintain, and improve individual and community health. In addition, CHWs may:

  • provide information on available resources
  • provide social support and informal counseling
  • advocate for individuals and community health needs
  • provide services such as first aid and blood pressure screenings, or
  • collect data to help identify community health needs.

A shortage of health professionals—especially in a large number of medically underserved areas-- has caused a growing demand for CHWs. Because of their ability to connect with individuals from traditionally underserved populations, CHWs are needed to provide resources, education and support to the numerous communities of Maricopa County at risk for poor health outcomes.

What are the goals of the CHW Internship Program?

The goals of the CHW Internship Program are to:

  • Improve health literacy among low-income communities in Maricopa County for better health outcomes;
  • Increase the number of trained CHWs in Maricopa County; and
  • Promote the CHW Internship and Certificate Program as a means to expand the program, increasing both the number of applicants and the number of recipients each academic year.

What are the requirements to become a Community Health Worker?

Central Arizona College (CAC) offers the only CHW Certificate Training Program in the state of Arizona. This 12-month program requires 19-21 coursework credit hours and an additional 90-hour CHW Internship (not inclusive of the CHW Internship Program with MCDPH).

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