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Newborn Intensive Care Program

Early Childhood Health & Development


The way your child grows, develops, and learns today is key to his or her future. Every step counts – especially during these all-important first five years of life.


The following is a guide to use as you watch your child learn and grow. If you have any concerns, please talk to your child's doctor. For children birth to three years old, you can also contact the Arizona Early Intervention Program for a developmental screening and evaluation.


For children 3 years of age and older, contact your local school district to request a developmental screening and evaluation.


Look For These Changes In Your Growing Child:


3 Months


  • Lifts head regularly when on tummy

  • Makes cooing noises

  • Quiets when spoken to

  • Grasps objects placed in hand

  • Begins to bat at object


6 Months


  • Sits with light support

  • Babbles when alone or with someone

  • Reaches for objects

  • Holds objects with either hand

  • Turns eyes and head toward sounds or voices

  • Begins to crawl (moves around other than on hands and knees)


9 Months


  • Sits without support

  • Begins creeping (up on hands and knees)

  • Imitates cough, bye-bye, hand clap, ma-ma

  • Drops and looks for objects

  • Can find toy hidden under cloth

  • Likes to dump out and pick up things


1 Year


  • Pulls up to a standing position and cruises around furniture

  • Begins to say ma-ma and da-da to refer to parents

  • Finger feeds solid foods to self

  • Follows a simple direction like "bring me the ball"

  • Points to object she knows when asked "where is it?"

  • Begins to use a spoon and hold a cup


1 1/2 Years


  • Walks well and runs by 18 months

  • Can push, pull, carry, and lift objects

  • Names some objects

  • Can point to simple pictures

  • Brings you an object he knows when asked


2 Years


  • Walks up and down stairs, two feet on each step

  • Can name more than three body parts

  • Scribbles

  • Stacks two to four objects

  • Uses two-word sentences

  • Enjoys doing things for herself or himself

  • Gets easily frustrated

  • Uses objects as they should be used


3 Years


  • Uses three- to five-word sentences

  • Sings simple songs

  • Can jump in place

  • Begins to ask questions

  • Enjoys "pretend" play (for instance, pretending to be mom, dad, brothers, and sisters)

  • Can help brush teeth, wash hands, undress, etc.


4 Years


  • Can use the toilet (with few accidents)

  • Can balance on one foot, then the other

  • Can name up to three colors

  • Can retell parts of a familiar story

  • Begins to play with other children rather than alongside them


5 Years


  • Likes playground challenges

  • Dresses self completely, including buttons, and is beginning to zip, tie

  • Can play cooperatively with a small group of children

  • Draws people in two parts head and arms or legs

  • Can tell parents something that happened while they were gone

  • Says number words to ten



For more information, please call the Arizona Department of Health Services' Children's Information Center at 1-800-232-1676. This hotline offers information for children with special needs, in addition to:


  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Immunizations

  • Dental Care

  • KidsCare

  • Rehabilitative services

  • Early intervention program

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