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"Stop the Spread"
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"Stop the Spread"
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"Evite el Contagio"
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Holiday Flu Prevention
Holiday Flu Prevention

(From CDC: QuickTime, 14MB, 1 min 8 sec)
NFL Flu Vaccine Message
"Don't Catch the Flu"

NFL Player Matt Birk explains why he gets the vaccine (From CDC: Streaming, 15 sec)


Historic Videos

Videos in this section contain information, guidance or recommendations that are no longer up-to-date. MCDPH continues to make this content available for historical reference here in this section.


Our Director, Dr. Bob England, gives an update on this flu season. (2013)


Flu PSA for TV
Flu PSA in an Emergency Room
Emergency Room
Children's Research
Kids Research
  Consul Fechas PSA
2010-11 PSA Consul Fechas

Elevator Flu PSA
Elevator Flu

- 30-sec.
- 1-min.

Elevator Flu PSA
(en Español)

- 30-seg.
- 1-min.
  Consul Generico PSA
2010-11 PSA Consul Generico
  Vice Alcalde Generico PSA
2010-11 PSA Vice Alcalde Generico

PSA Henry Cejudo Generico
2010-11 PSA Henry Cejudo Generico
HRP Luncheon Meeting Video
Hard to Reach Populations Partners at Work 2010
  PSA with Dr. Bob England
2011-12 PSA Dr. Bob England
  PSA Dr. Bob England
2011-12 PSA Dr. Bob England (Español)

PSA Gripe con Alejandra Espinoza de Univision
2011-12 PSA Gripe (En Español)
PSA Gripe con el Obispo Eduardo Nevares
2011-12 PSA Gripe (En Español)


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Resources From Other Campaigns:


Flu Ends With U National Influenza Vaccination Week campaign (NIVW)
by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


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