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Zoning Ordinance (P-18)

This Amended Zoning Ordinance is designed to promote the public health, peace, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare of the of Maricopa County; to guide, control and regulate the future growth and development in order to promote orderly and appropriate use of land in the entire unincorporated area of said county; and to protect the character and the stability of residential, business and industrial areas of Maricopa County.

The following list includes text amendments that have been recently approved.

Case # Document Topic Approval Date
CPA2011010 CPA Guidelines Major Comprehensive Plan Amendments 04/11/2012
TA2003002 MCZO Acc. Dwelling Units 12/20/2006
TA2005001 MCZO Relief due to Govt. Action 01/17/2007
TA2005007 MCZO Wireless Communication Fac. 12/06/2006
TA2006004 MCZO Walls/Retaining Walls 01/02/2007
TA2006007 MCZO Floor Area definition 12/20/2006
TA2006011 MCZO Evap. Ponds - SUP category 12/20/2006
TA2007004 MCZO Fee Increase 06/20/2007
TA2007005 MCZO Zoning in Public ROW 06/20/2007
TA2007006 MCZO Sign Regulations 02/09/2011
TA2007012 MCZO Compl. w/ Comp. Plan 08/08/2007
TA2007016 MCZO Plan of Development process 08/20/2008
TA2007018 MCZO Emergency Service Providers 01/11/2012
TA2008004 MCZO Lighting of Billboards 09/14/2011
TA2008005 MCZO Accessory Dwelling 10/15/2008
TA2008006 MCZO Equestrian Uses> 08/19/2009
TA2008008 MCZO Plan of Development process 12/17/2008
TA2008009 MCZO Super-majority Timeframe 06/17/2009
TA2009003 MCZO Outstanding Fines and Fees 04/15/2009
TA2009007 MCZO Park Definition 08/19/2009
TA2009008 MCZO Entry Features 06/17/2009
TA2009012 MCZO Military Airport and Ancillary Military Facility Overlay Zoning District 03/17/2010
TA2010012 MCZO Mobile and Manufactured Homes 01/11/2012
TA2010020 MCZO Grading/Paving of Private Easements 03/16/2011
TA2010022 MCZO Structure Heights 03/16/2011
TA2011001 MCZO Medical Marijuana 08/31/2011
TA2011003 MCZO A-Frame Signs and Light Pole Banners 09/14/2011
TA2011005 MCZO Hearing Officer Subpoena Power 09/28/2011
TA2011007 MCZO Utility Scale Solar Construction 08/17/2011
TA2011010 MCZO Required Side Yard 10/19/2011
TA2011011 MCZO Continuing Existing Uses 10/19/2011
TA2011012 MCZO Drainage 10/19/2011
TA2011013 MCZO Distance Between Buildings 10/19/2011
TA2011014 MCZO Accessory Dwelling Units 10/19/2011
TA2011017 MCZO Farms and Roadside Stands 10/19/2011
TA2011018 MCZO Hillside 10/19/2011
TA2011019 MCZO Zoning and Drainage Clearence 12/14/2011
TA2011020 MCZO Building Permit Exemption 03/28/2012
TA2012001 MCZO Protected Development Rights 03/28/2012
TA2012004 LA&A Residential Solar Permit Fees 03/28/2012
TA2012006 MCZO Zoning Clearance for Corrals 04/25/2012
TA2012009 MCZO Maximum Wall/Fence Heights and Prohibitions 08/22/2012
TA2012020 MCZO Temporary Events 08/22/2012

The following list includes proposed text amendments.

Case # Document Topic Status
TA2010018 MCZO Wireless Communication Facilities Public Comment
TA2012002 MCZO Military Airport and ancillary Military Facility Overlay Zoning District Public Comment

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