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Modification Information

A modification is a change to a plan set in which the permit has been ISSUED or REISSUED.

Modifications require another full review; therefore, additional fees for services from Planning & Development as well as any other reviewing One Stop Shop agency / department will apply.

Example: If the property is on septic, Environmental Services Dept. assesses an $80 review fee for each submittal.

Modifications are processed in order by the date in which the submittal was received.

The proposed changes may not receive approval if standards are not met.

Approval of the modification will result in a REISSUED permit.

RESIDENTIAL Projects – For modifications deemed as minor changes by the Building Official, a $30 administrative review fee will be assessed each modification and payable upon REISSUANCE.

  • Those modifications where full reviews are required, the following fees will apply:
    • A $100 fee is assessed for changes to the site plan.
    • A $250 fee is assessed for changes to the building plans.
    • Increased sq. footage or other components will be factored into the valuation calculation.
    • If a drainage review is necessary, a $250 fee will be assessed.
    • If drainage requires in-progress inspections, a fee of $150 per inspection will be assessed.
    • While the modification is being reviewed, inspections on that project are suspended.

If repeated modifications are necessary, the Building Official may deem the continued changes as redesign and therefore, are major changes. Major changes will have the fees applied on EACH modified submittal.

  • COMMERCIAL Projects – EACH modification submitted will be assessed modification review fees.
    • A $250 fee is assessed by Zoning for each site plan review.
    • An hourly building plan review rate will be assessed on each review of building plans.
    • If classified as a minor accessory for a drainage review, a $650 review fee will be assessed.
    • If outside the scope of a minor accessory, drainage will assess $2,000 plus $125 per acre with a maximum of $22,000.

Modifications must be submitted in the office. Applicants will be required to complete and sign the Modification Financial & Service Acknowledgement when the modified plans are submitted.