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Barking Dogs

Barking dogs issues are addressed through the local noise ordinances of the incorporated city or town. If you are not sure whether the dog owner’s city falls within an incorporated city or town, check the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office to see which jurisdiction the property is located in.

If the dog owner resides in an unincorporated area (the tax bill jurisdiction is Maricopa County), the information provided below provides a process to assist you.

Call Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) at 602-506-7387.

  • Please be prepared with the address where the dog(s) live.
  • You must provide your full name, address, and telephone number to file a complaint. Anonymous calls are not accepted.
    • An MCACC representative will start building a case by creating an activity based upon the information you provide and will send the owner a letter to the dog(s) owner advising excessive barking is a violation of Maricopa County Ordinance P-6.
    • A second barking dog issue at the same address within 6 months will result in a second violation letter being sent.
    • A third barking dog issue at the same address within 6 months of the initial activity will result in an MCACC Officer and a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy speaking with the dog owner. The Sheriff’s Deputy will assess the situation and determine whether a citation is warranted.
    • Subsequent issues within the initial 6 month period will be forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office.

Kennel Permit

"Kennel" means an enclosed, controlled area, inaccessible to other animals, in which a person keeps, harbors or maintains five or more dogs under controlled conditions. (ARS § 11-1001). For more information or to apply for a kennel permit, please view the Kennel Permit Application.

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