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License My Dog

MCACC is proudly the #1 lifesaving open admission shelter in the Valley and the #1 pet adoption agency in Arizona.

The generous support and responsible pet ownership of the residents of Maricopa County have made this possible. A big part of our success is dog licensing. In Maricopa County dogs with a current license that are lost have the benefit of a free ride home, if MCACC can make contact with the owner, or a free, 24 hour stay in one of our shelters. Licensing fees support the shelter and care of all the animals in our facilities. In essence, licensing truly is the animal’s way of paying it forward. A dog with a caring owner is caring for another who has no one. Licensing isn’t just the law, it is a lifesaving partnership for the animals in our community.

Love Your Dog License Your Dog

You will need the following information in front of you when you apply for a dog license for the first time:

  • A completed Rabies Vaccination Certificate including:
    • Owner’s name and address.
    • Pet Information (name, breed, color, age, etc.).
    • Date that the Rabies Vaccination was administered.
    • Manufacturer and serial/lot number of the vaccination used.
    • Term of the vaccination or date revaccination is due.
    • Veterinarian hospital/clinic where your dog was vaccinated.
    • Veterinarian’s ID/License number and signature that administered the vaccination.
  • Visa, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard number and expiration date.

If you are renewing a dog license that does not require a vaccination, please have your renewal notice and credit card information in front of you before continuing.

NOTE: If you’re having difficulties renewing a license, please refer to your notice. If it does not include online renewal as an option, please utilize the method(s) listed on your notice. If this is a dog that you are licensing for the first time, or you have revaccinated your dog, you must submit a copy of the vaccination certificate provided by your veterinarian. You may do so by the following methods:

  • FAX: Attention Web Licensing 602-506-0275
  • Email: Web Licensing Activity
  • Mail: Animal Care & Control, Attention Web Licensing, PO Box 2959, Phoenix, AZ 85062-2959


The license is not valid if the applicant has offered, used, transmitted or caused to be transmitted any information or data that is false, fraudulent or incorrect in any manner.

Please note: The forms are best filled out on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, not a mobile phone.

To license your dog, please CLICK HERE and complete the application.

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