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Clients & Families

Working With Your Attorney

How to Assist Your Attorney

Your Attorney needs your help to obtain the best possible result in your case. Do NOT discuss your case with anyone except your attorney or your attorney's assistants. Do not talk about your case with cellmates, police officers, probation officers, friends, family members or anyone else without your attorney's approval. Your mail and telephone calls in jail may be monitored. Do NOT write letters or speak on the telephone about your case with anyone except members of the Office of the Legal Defender.

When and Where You Will Be Required to Be in Court:

Appear on time for all scheduled court dates and legal appointments. Failure to appear in court will result in a warrant for your arrest. If you fail to appear, call your attorney immediately.

How to Dress for Court

Your appearance is important. You should come dressed as you would for a job interview (business casual), a dinner at a nice restaurant, or a special event. You should not wear tank tops or shorts, or T-shirts with rude or offensive language.

Providing Information to your Attorney

Give your attorney current addresses and telephone numbers. It is very important that your attorney be able to reach you at all times. If you move, or change phone numbers, immediately call your attorney and provide them with your new contact information.

How to Assist as a Friend or Family Member

Seeing a friend or family member go through the criminal justice system or a dependency/severance action can be very difficult. Often friends and family members reach out to offer assistance. Often, family members are a wonderful resource for gathering records or helping at Sentencing. But, attorneys in our office can only work with friends and family on cases after they have first worked with clients and determined that the client agrees that we should work with friends/family and that doing so will benefit the client's case. The primary job of our attorneys and employees is to provide legal counsel to clients - not to serve as advisors to friends and family.

Jail Information

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office oversees all jails for Maricopa County. Inmates are divided into two categories; those awaiting adjudication and those who are serving a sentence. Generally the jail will only carry out sentences of incarceration that are under 1 year. Inmates sentenced to more than 1 year of incarceration are generally housed in the Arizona Department of Corrections. MCSO operates 6 active jails (click the jail name for address, hours of operation and phone numbers).

Bail Bonds

To get out of jail prior to the next court date, a defendant must post a bond. Defendants will not be considered for a third party release or a release on their own recognizance (O.R.) until the next court date. If a hold has been requested by Immigration, Probation, or the Department of Corrections, defendants usually will not be released, even when a bond is posted.

There are two ways for a defendant to post a bond:

  1. Have someone post a cash bond. When the case is over, the bond will be returned if the defendant has attended all of the court hearings and complied with all of the conditions of release.
  2. Use the services of a bail bondsman. Typically, a bonding company will require two things: (1) a nonrefundable 10% fee, and (2) property worth more than the amount of the bond. Property will be returned at the end of the case. The bondsman will keep the 10% fee.

REMEMBER: If a bond is posted and the defendant fails to appear in court, a warrant for arrest will be issued and the bond will be forfeited.

Maricopa County Office of the Legal Defender
222 North Central Avenue, Suite 8100, Phoenix, AZ 85004
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Juvenile Dependency/Severance: (602) 506-5800  |  Fax: (602) 506-0921
Maricopa County Office of the Legal Defender
222 North Central Avenue, Suite 8100
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Main Office
Phone: (602) 506-8800 | Fax: (602) 506-2088
Juvenile Dependency/Severance
Phone: (602) 506-5800 | Fax: (602) 506-0921
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